‘Your Name’ want to see! The topic ‘a masterpiece of youth scenery’ is that the pictures taken in the seaside town resemble the view of famous anime.

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“The summer I spent in Ine was the best youth.” The photos posted with such tweets have become a hot topic. The photo was taken by Tomosaki, who is active as a photographer.

Ine Town, which runs toward the sea at sunset, is located in Yoza District, Kyoto Prefecture, and is a port town on the Sea of ​​Japan side known for the townscape of Funaya situated in the northeastern part of Tango Peninsula. This youth photoset there. It makes me feel very nostalgic. “It’s a masterpiece of beauty.” “What do you call this without calling it youth? It’s just ideal.” “I want to go to this place.” “It’s a wonderful photograph.” envy “people there are arms Kiritoreru in camera

The descriptor in the column, comments that praised the sense of the splendor, and tomosaki’s Photographer of the landscape was received.

“Your name. “want to see!

In addition, the of the descriptor field Comment, there is also a comment such as “like a movie scene of” “movies posters and no,” among others, ” Your name and remembered.”, Makoto Shinkai, Director of The blockbuster anime movie “Your Name. Many voices were saying that they had the image of. “Your name. Itomori Town, which is the main stage of, is a fictitious town that is said to be in the Hida region of Gifu Prefecture. Still, the townscape full of greenery, the torii gate of the shrine, the scenery of the lake, etc., are certainly surrounded by greenery and the sea. It is very similar to the scenery of this Ine facing the sea. I asked Tomosaki-san, who took a picture like a famous scene from an anime movie. Where did you take the scenery from Ine? Please tell me specifically. to Misaki: I think it was the view from ” Yasaka Shrine ” in Ine. There was a lip saying, “Your Name is like a scene!”, But when you shoot, do you also hit with an awareness of one scene from an anime movie like this? Tomosaki: Sometimes, I watch an anime movie and shoot it because I want to hit it like this. “Your name. I love it so much that I went to the cinema about five times, so I was pleased to receive such a lip. –What are your future goals? Do you have any photos you would like to try in the future? Tomosaki: PhotobookI wants to produce and sell. The photos I want to challenge are youth photos of various times and situations, such as when the sun goes down. I want to take pictures that make the viewer feel nostalgic. In addition, Tomosaki has released many other photographs that include scenes reminiscent of anime movies and youth scenery that makes you feel nostalgic. (Maidana News / Lmaga.jp News Special Contract, Yuichi Takenaka (RinToris))

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