The power of the legendary Saiyan! ‘Dragon Ball Series Broly’

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The popular character Broly from the “Dragon Ball” series appears in the significant figure “Dragon Ball Arise” series. Pre-orders will start on Premium Bandai and others from October 14, 2022.

Broly is the movie version of the TV anime “Dragon Ball Z” (1989) “Dragon Ball Z: Moetsukiro! ! An anime original character that appeared in Hot Battle, Fierce Battle, and Super Fierce Battle (1993). He is a “Legendary Super Saiyan” who likes destruction and slaughter and overwhelms the main character, Son Goku, with his superpower. Because of his strength, he is considered by fans to be the strongest enemy character in the “Dragon Ball Z” series.
The creator of “Dragon Ball,” Akira Toriyama, was involved in the design of Broly, but he did not touch the setting or the story, and it is said that he forgot about its existence for a while.

Later, “Dragon Ball Kai” (2009), a re-edited version of “Dragon Ball Z,” was broadcast. Its sequel, “Dragon Ball Super” (2015), in which Akira Toriyama was involved in the original draft, has started, and the new movie “Dragon Ball Super: Broly” (2018), which belongs to the “Super” series, has been newly produced. Here, Broly’s design, setting, and personality have been changed.

The two Broly are thought to exist in parallel worlds.
The “Broly” version of Broly was also popular, but on the other hand, the “Z” version of Broly is still prevalent, and both types of Broly sometimes appear in card games.
This Broly is also the original Broly of the “Z” version.

The “Dragon Ball Arise” series is a prominent figure of the “Dragon Ball” series developed by Plex. It is a series with a unique lineup that features famous characters such as Vegeta & Nappa and Piccolo & Son Gohan and minor characters such as Piccolo Daimao’s subordinate drums and cymbals.

This time “Dragon Ball Arise Broly” is a figure of Broly trying to shoot a light bullet from his right hand in the legendary Saiyan state. Broly’s swollen muscles, crushed ground, and the hem of her clothes that are blown up by the wind all of her modeling create a sense of urgency and intimidation.

Twenty-nine years after its introduction, the “Z” version of Broly is still popular worldwide. If you are a fan, please check out this figure as well.

Shipping is scheduled for February 2023.

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