‘Pokémon’ Satoshi VS Dande’s decisive battle eve Thorough coverage of the battle that the world is watching

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The scene cut and synopsis of the 127th episode of the popular anime “Pocket Monsters” (official abbreviation: Anipoke, TV Tokyo series, every Friday from 6:55), which will be broadcast on the 30th, has been released.

“Climax! Satoshi VS Dande on the eve of the decisive battle!” PWCS News will feature the decisive battle that the world has been waiting for in greater detail than anywhere else! Thorough coverage of not only the highlights of the fight between Satoshi and Dande but also the encounter between the two! And the secret information obtained by the program will be delivered at the fastest speed in the world!?

The currently airing anime “Pokémon” is the 7th in the series. So far, all the regions that have appeared are the stage, and various Pokemon that inhabit each area also appear. The story of W’s main characters Satoshi and Go, adventures in different places with their partner Pikachu.

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