The reason why the pros and cons of the anime ‘Oshi no Ko’ are divided into ‘I don’t understand’ is ‘must see’?

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There are “important mysteries” in the parts that seem “incomprehensible.”

The anime “Oshi no Ko” is a topical work that has gained popularity since broadcasting started in April 2023. YOASOBI ‘s opening “Idol” has been played 100 million times, and although it is currently the most famous work, it has been controversial among some viewers.

“[ Oshi no Ko ]” characters (8 cards) What kind of reason can you think of for the situation where negative opinions stand out even though the story, animation, direction, and tempo are all impeccable masterpieces? First of all, it seems that the main reason is that, at first glance, it looks like “a work in which an idol runs up a success story.”

The key visual is Ai, and even if you look at the first PV released, it is a story of an idol who secretly gave birth to a child and struggles to achieve success as an idol while hiding the fact that she gave birth. It’s supposed to be.

However, as those of you who have seen the anime to some extent or read the original work know, Ai was killed by a devastating blade and was killed by Ai’s child, Aqua. And take a breath before Ruby watches over.

Then, as time passes and Aqua and Ruby grow up, the true story of Aqua’s revenge begins. “Oshi no Ko” wasn’t a success story about an idol raising a secret child and rising to stardom, but a mystery work in which Aqua tries to find out who killed Ai and take revenge while getting a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes circumstances of the entertainment world.

There may have been a certain number of people who still need to accept this gap. Especially in recent years, many anime broadcasts depict idols working hard to achieve their dreams and goals, as well as depicting healing in everyday life. It can’t be helped that people who like that kind of work feel that “My Favorite Child” doesn’t suit them.

Naturally, misleading information is introduced into mystery works. However, it would be a great shame to reject such a masterpiece just because it left a strong impression as an idol work. Also, among the negative opinions, some say, “It’s sloppy that 16-year-old Ai gave birth to a child, and that’s unacceptable,” but that’s the opposite.

“Why did Ai get pregnant at the age of 16, and why did she decide to give birth?” is one of the great mysteries of the work. It’s a mystery that has yet to be revealed in the original work, but at least there’s a little information out there that Ai didn’t have a very happy childhood.

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