What do you like about the TV anime series that Jukki Hanada worked on? Explain 5

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Anime screenwriter and light novel writer Jukki Hanada. He has written and composed some anime series, and many fans say, “I watch it because it’s Mr. Hanada’s work.”

Therefore, this time, let’s think about the theme, “What do you like about the TV anime work that Jukki Hanada worked on?” We will introduce five works from many masterpieces.

“Love Live!”
“Love Live!” Was broadcast in the first period in 2013 and the second period in 2014. This work depicts the struggle and growth of the nine-member school idol group “μ’s” formed to save the alma mater on the verge of closing down. The voice actor who is in charge of the character’s voice is acting as “μ’s,” participated in the red and white song battle in 2015, and succeeded in life at Tokyo Dome in 2016, which became a big boom. .. Fans were called “love rivers.” The appearance of going on a pilgrimage to the sacred place to the model place became a hot topic.

“A place further than the universe.”
“A Place Further Than the Universe” is a work broadcast in 2018. It is a tear gland collapse animation described as “God times” in the story of a high school girl aiming for Antarctica. It was also a big topic that the New York Times was selected as one of the ten works in the overseas program category of “The Best TV Program of 2018”. In Tatebayashi City, Gunma Prefecture, where the story was set, four main characters were commissioned to be “Tatebayashi Anime Ambassadors” to help promote the town. In addition, some people went to Antarctica as a pilgrimage to the sacred place, and it was fascinating on Twitter.

“Sound! Euphonium”
“Sound! Euphonium” is a work broadcast in 2015 for the first period and in 2016 for the second period. In 2019, the sequel movie “Sound the Movie! Euphonium ~ Oath Finale ~” will be released, and then the production of “Kumiko 3rd Grade” has also been announced. Kyoto Animation produced the animation and directed by Tatsuya Ishihara, who worked on “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya” and “I want to fall in love with Chuunibyo!” In addition, Naoko Yamada, who has won awards as a director of “K-ON!”, Is in charge of the series production, which is a solid lineup. From the realistic depiction, we received a lot of feedback from people who have experience in a brass band, saying there is a brass band club.

“Alone XX life”
“Alone XX Life” is a work that was broadcast in 2019. The original is a four-frame manga by Mr. Katsuwo, serialized in the manga magazine “Comic Dengeki Daioji.” The story is that the main character, Ichiri Bocchi, promises to break up with her childhood friend Kai Yahara unless she makes friends with all the class members in junior high school. The terrifyingly realistic quivering voice by Chisaki Morishita, who played the role of me, was impressive.

“Become you soon.”
“Bloom Into You” is based on the manga by Nakatani Nio and was broadcast in 2018. The story is that the main character, Yu Koito, who has a problem of not understanding the feelings of someone special, gets acquainted with the student organization insider, Toko Nanami, one day in the first semester. It values ​​the atmosphere very much. It is characterized by incorporating many metaphorical expressions such as background art and cuts only at the feet, rather than reflecting the characters’ facial expressions in a large size. The anime was well received and was staged the following year.

What do you like about the TV anime series that Jukki Hanada worked on?

So far, we have introduced five works from the TV anime works that Jukki Hanada worked on in the series composition. What is your favorite work?

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