The second cool of ‘SPY x FAMILY’ will start broadcasting in October. The voice of a new character will be unveiled for the first time on the teaser PV.

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The second cool of the TV anime “SPY x FAMILY” will be broadcast on the TV Tokyo network six stations and others in October, and the teaser PV has been released.

This work is based on the popular manga serialized in “Shonen Jump +.” Twilight, a brilliant spy, calls himself Lloyd Forger, his wife is a hitman, and Anya, a supernatural power, becomes a family of Karisome. Perform an infiltration mission. The first course was broadcast from April to June.

In the PV, the voice of Keith Kepler, a new character played by Hiroki Takahashi, is unveiled for the first time, along with the telop “NEXT MISSION: Stop the bomb terrorism” and the video that presages a severe development.

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