‘Gintama THE FINAL’ will be exclusively distributed for unlimited viewing! ‘Pokemon’ original animation also appeared ‘Prime Video’ January new arrival

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In January 2022, new content was announced from “Amazon Prime Video,” allowing you to watch thousands of popular movies and TV programs. In the “Anime movie (domestic)” category, unlimited viewing of “Gintama THE FINAL” has started. In the “TV Anime (Japan)” category, “Pokemon God and His Arceus” and “Attack on Titan” The Final Season Part 2 will appear.

In the “Anime Movie (Domestic)” category, based on the last episode of the original manga by Hideaki Sorachi, the third movie version of the anime “Gintama” depicts the final and deadly battle with the greatest enemy, the imaginary. “Gintama THE FINAL” will be exclusively distributed for unlimited viewing.

The first movie version, “Theatrical Version Gintama: The New Translation of Red Cherry Blossoms,” and the second movie, “Theatrical Version Gintama Complete Edition, Everything Shop, Forever,” are also delivered and can be enjoyed all at once.

In the “TV Anime (Japan)” category, along with the release of the Nintendo Switch game software “Pok√©mon LEGENDS Arceus” on January 28, 2022, the entirely new original animation “Pokemon God and His” “Arceus” is a lineup. From January 21, 2022, episodes 1 and 2, and from January 28, episodes 3 and 4 will be exclusively distributed.

In addition, the worldwide cumulative circulation of books exceeded 100 million copies, and the TV animation “Attack on Titan” The Final Season of “Attack on Titan” closed the curtain of the serialization for about 11 and a half years in April 2021. “Part 2” will also be available for unlimited viewing.

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