The title of the 30th movie, ‘Crayon Shin-chan,’ has been decided.

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Review the anime-related news announced by mid-December and became a hot topic with fans’ voices. Introducing information on famous works such as the latest work of “Movie Crayon Shin-chan” and ” Inu-Oh ” directed by Masaaki Yuasa!

The title of the 30th movie of the memorable “Movie Crayon Shin-chan” has been decided!

The title of the latest movie, “Crayon Shin-chan,” has been decided as “Movie Crayon Shin-chan Mononoke Ninja Jinfuden” (released April 22, 2022). Unique news footage & teaser visuals are attracting fans’ attention.

This is the 30th memorable work of the “Crayon Shin-chan” theater animation series. The director is Masakazu Hashimoto of “~ Ora’s Moving Story Cactus Attack” (15) and “~ Newlyweds Travel Hurricane ~ Lost Hiroshi ~” (19). In addition to these two screenplays, the previous work “~ Mystery Meki! Director Hashimoto, who was in charge of “Hana no Tankas Gakuen” (21), will work on it. In addition to being a gag-filled ninja action blockbuster, it is said that the truth about Shinnosuke’s birth will be revealed for the first time.

The particular news video starts when a cute baby, Hiroshi Nohara, is born on a rainy day. Following the lines of Misae and Hiroshi, “Shin-chan is our child … isn’t it !?”, Shinnosuke of Ninja appears. You can also see the appearance of showing off the old-fashioned gag that dodges the attack of the mysterious ninja army corps with “the art of splitting,” which is not the art of alter ego.

There is also a new attempt to make a double-sided visual for the 30th work. The double-sided leaflet, which has been lifted, has a design in which “Ninja Shinnosuke” holds a Chocobo like a shuriken on the front side, and Shinnosuke, Kunoichi’s Chiyome, and Gorilla are placed on the backside with the moonlit night in the background. From each copy, such as “The beginning is the day when Shinnosuke was born.” And “Who is Ora? The child of a ninja !?” implies that the critical truth is hidden in the birth of Shinnosuke Nohara. Ing.

Fans said to this news that they saw the poster, saying, “I wonder if it’s set in the present age, not a time-slip like” Unkurosai’s Ambition “or” Storm Calling Appare! Sengoku Daisensen “.” There were comments on SNS about expectations, such as “Is it a movie with the theme of the Nohara family?” And “Is it a story related to the birth of Shin-nosuke from the catchphrase?”

The tagging work “Bubble,” directed by Tetsuro Araki and Gen Urobuchi, will be released in theaters in May 2022!

” Bubble,” directed by Tetsuro Araki of “Attack on Titan,” teams up with Gen Urobuchi, the scriptwriter of “Puella Magi Madoka Magica,” will be released in theaters on Friday, May 13, 2022, and the Netflix version will be released in April. It will be distributed worldwide on Thursday, 28th. In addition, the appearances of Jun Shison, Yuki Kaji, Mamoru Miyano, and Tasuku Hatanaka have been announced, and the ban on visuals and unique news footage has also been lifted.

This work is a gravity action set in Tokyo, where bubbles are poured into the world and gravity is broken. In addition to Araki and Gen Urobuchi, with Takeshi Obata of “DEATH NOTE” and “Bakuman.” In charge of the character design draft, and Hiroyuki Sawano of “Promare” (19) in charge of the music.

Tokyo was a playground for young people who lost their families because their lifelines were closed. Hibiki, who ran from building to building in parkour and attracted attention, falls into the sea where gravity is distorted by dangerous play. Hibiki, saved by a girl with a mysterious power, Uta, eventually approaches the truth to change the world.

The teaser visual depicts a girl Uta caught in a bubble floating in the sky against the backdrop of submerged upside-down Shibuya. In the special news video, Tokyo, which was submerged by the bubble and the time has stopped, is projected, and you can fully enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Fans said to this news, “It’s been a while since I got goosebumps in the preview video. I’m expecting what kind of story it will attract.” “I want to see it. The drawing of the preview video was wonderful…” ” When I thought that the picture was Mr. Obata !?, it was. ” There are high expectations for the gorgeous staff and the beauty of the images.

“The Imaginary,” produced by Studio Ponoc, will be released in the summer of 2022

The animation movie “The Imaginary,” produced by Studio Ponoc, will be released in the summer of 2022 for the first time in five years since “Mary and the Witch’s Flower” (18). The ban on unique news footage and teaser visuals has also been lifted.

This is the latest work of Studio Ponoc launched by Yoshiaki Nishimura, a producer of “The Tale of Princess Kaguya” (13) and “When Marnie Was There” (14). The original is “The Imaginary” by AF Harold, a British writer who has been highly acclaimed for his Carnegie Medal nominations for outstanding children’s literature in the United Kingdom. “Princess Mononoke” (97) and “Spirited Away” Yoshiyuki Momose, who was involved in (01), will be the director.

The main character is Raja, a boy named “Imaginary” who was born from a girl’s imagination. In a world where people’s imagination is eaten, Rajah and his friends challenge the future and fate of their loved ones in a “fight that no one can see.”

In the special news video, the video unique to Studio Ponoc’s hand-drawn animation is developed. The entrance to the image is drawn with a delicate touch, and the content makes us feel the epic story in the main story. Also, at first glance, it looks like an ordinary boy, but the expression of Raja, who is an invisible existence called imaginary, is also impressive. The teaser poster visual shows the gathering of friends living in Rajah and Imaginary, a fantastic tree in yellow light like a firefly.

Fans commented on this news, such as “I want to go to see it!”, “I want to know the details of the staff such as character designers soon,” and “I’m looking forward to Mary again because it was interesting.”

“Inu-Oh,” directed by Masaaki Yuasa, will be screened one after another at overseas film festivals!

The teaser visual of the latest animation, ” Inu-Oh ” (released in early summer 2022), directed by Masaaki Yuasa, has been released. In addition, it was found that a special screening of director Yuasa was held at the Rotterdam International Film Festival, and a French premiere screening and art exhibition will be held at the Angouleme International Manga Festival.

This work is a musical animation that depicts a story born from the unknown pop star “Inu-Oh” in Muromachi with an imagined transformation. Based on Hideo Furukawa’s novel “Heike Monogatari Inu-Oh no Maki,” Inu-Oh (voice: Avu-chan), a natural Noh performer who was active in the Muromachi period, and Tomoyo (voice: Moriyama Mirai), a blind biwa Hoshi. ) Friendship is drawn. Taiyo Matsumoto is the original character designer, and Akiko Nogi is the scriptwriter.

The teaser visual is a cutout of a friend fish playing biwa and a dog king dancing happily. In addition to the fantastic visuals, there is also a catchphrase, “Start here. We are”.

Following the Venetian International Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, Busan International Film Festival, overseas film festivals, and the Tokyo International Film Festival, this work is also available at the 51st Rotterdam International Film Festival. In addition, in the Filmmakers in focus section of the film festival, “The Tatami Galaxy,” “The Night Is Short, Walk On Maiden” (17), and “Ride Your Wave” (17) as “Special Screening by Masaaki Yuasa” ( Director Yuasa’s works such as 19) will be screened at once.

In addition to the premiere screening at the 49th Angouleme International Manga Festival, the original drawing of the “Inuou” character design by Matsumoto, who is extremely popular in France, will be exhibited for the first time in the world. This is the first time that a premiere screening of a Japanese film and an art exhibition will be held at the same film festival.

In addition, the second part of the popular manga “Chainsaw Man” by Tatsuki Fujimoto, which was serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump” from 2018 to 20 years, will be serialized in the manga app “Shonen Jump +” from early summer 2022, and more books. It was also discussed that the work’s TV animation is scheduled to be broadcast in 2022.

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