TV anime ‘Berserk of Gluttony’ starring Ryota Osaka & Tomokazu Seki, to be broadcast in 2023

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It has been decided that the TV animation of “Berserk of Gluttony” will be broadcast in 2023. Ryota Osaka was cast as the main character Fate, and Tomokazu Seki was appointed as Fate’s partner, the black sword Greed.

The main character, Fate, is a boy with the “Gluttony” Deadly Sin skill that steals skills and status from the person he kills. Fate’s partner, Greed, is a Black Sword “Deadly Sin Weapon” with a will and can converse with Fate through mind-reading skills.

In the released teaser PV, Greed, the black sword with a will, repeats the words “Buy me, gluttony” with a voice that sounds like a machine, “Gluttony skill will be activated.” Overlapped by that voice, Fate shouted, “more, more!” while knocking down the goblins.

Osaka said about her role, Fate, “I’ve been oppressed for a long time because of my skill, but I’ve lived with an untainted heart. By encountering the sword Greed, I will walk a completely different life. It’s a character,” he commented. Seki, who plays the role of Greed, said, “First of all, I was told to act freely, so I’m concentrating on interacting with Fate and having fun while performing. My suggestions have been actively adopted. So I feel it’s worth doing!”, talking about making a role.

In a world where the superiority and inferiority of his skills are absolute, Fate, a boy who is despised as incompetent, is forced to live the lowest life.

Fate’s skill 《Gluttony》 was a useless ability that only made her hungry.

He is under the spotlight of the Brerick family, the holy knight clan that ranks highest globally.

The only salvation was Roxie Hart, who treated Fate without looking down on him despite being a holy knight.

However, the world changes when she accidentally kills a bandit who has entered the castle with her.

The moment he took the life of his enemy, his Gluttony skill was activated, and the opponent’s power flowed into him.

Yes, the skill 《Gluttony》 possessed by Fate was an outrageous substitute for stealing skills and abilities from the person it killed.

After gaining her power to fight, Fate meets Greed of Greed, a sword with the same skill that bears the name of a deadly sin, and she steps into the world of struggle.

To protect her loved ones and resist the little world, she is a Fate who eats up all the enemies in her way.

The boy’s Fate, crawling on the ground, began moving rapidly.

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