The topic “Pompo-san, who loves movies” is an “ale” for those who pursue their dreams!

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“Eiga Daisuki Pompo-san (Movie)” is a theatrical animation of the comic of the same name by Shogo Sugiya [Human Plamo], who has exceeded 800,000 views on pixiv, an illustration and manga posting site, and won the “This Manga is Amazing!” (Released) has attracted a great deal of attention among movie fans.

Through making movies, a young man who loves movies and a woman who is loved by film find out “self,” and this work develops a human drama swirling with dreams and madness. On the public commemorative particular site, “heart-warming” impression comments from the audience who rushed to the theater are posted one after another. In this article, I would like to introduce the voices received and explain why so many spectators are touched. Jean (voice: Hiroya Shimizu ) is a production assistant under the talented producer Pompo (agent: Konomi Kohara ). Fascinated by the movie and remembering all the works he saw, he dreamed of becoming a movie director, but he was subservient when he couldn’t. One day, the performance of a 15-second commercial for a B-class movie entrusted to Pompeo was evaluated, and she was selected as the director of “MEISTER,” for which she wrote the script. In this way, Jean welcomed the new actress Natalie (voice: Rinka Otani) as the heroine and made her long-sought director debut. However, that was the beginning of every day of turbulent shooting.

Surprising voices are heard one after another in the realistic depiction of movie production! This work is set in the fictional movie city of Nyariwood, but the cityscape is the original HollywoodThat itself. Contrary to the animation in which pop and cute characters move around lively, the movie shooting scene, editing work, audition scenery, etc., are drawn. It can be seen as realistic movie production. “It was interesting to see the backside of the movie production. I was impressed by the passion of the people involved in the production.” (Female, 40s). “It was interesting to see how movies are made. I liked the teamwork of Pompo-san, Jean, Natalie, etc. “(Female, 20s)” Due to the nature of the work, “Making a movie in a movie,” how to explain how to make a movie and how to find the highlights. Was real, and even an amateur could enjoy the detailed scenes, psychological depictions, and dynamic and flashy productions.” (Male, 20s) In addition to comments on the shooting scenery, “New Cinema Paradise. It was a treasure chest-like movie filled with tributes to various works such as “Sound of Music” and “Singing in the Rain.” I want to see the full version of “MEISTER” taken by Jean “(the 40s)・ Impressions such as (male). Scenes that are conscious of various masterpieces are studded, making it a work that even core movie fans can enjoy.

Expressing the conflict of characters … This work is fun and the realism of movie production, such as the tight shooting schedule that is thrilled by the enthusiasm of the voice actors, the production budget, and the response to investors. You can also see the words to Jeans who are worried and struggling. “I was ignited by the movie enthusiasts I want to watch more movies and let’s watch more movies.’ I was fascinated by the expression.” (Male, 30s). “Like Jean in the movie, I think the staff of this film also struggled with “selection.” However, including the initial development, I was moved to far exceed the expectations that had risen too much, and I was betrayed in a good way.” (Male, 20s) “Understanding the madness and madness in filmmaking A movie that makes you want to. That is to affirm the sacrifice. A movie cannot be made without sacrifice, and a dream cannot come true. I think it’s often said that “happiness is the enemy of creation.” (Male, 30s) Jean’s voice is “Hot Gimmick.” Hiroya Shimizu, a young actor who is active in various movies and dramas such as “Girl Meets Boy” (19). Casting two people, Rinka Otani, who is expected to leap forward as a model and actor, and the first voice actor to challenge Natalie. In addition, Konomi Kohara, who appears in popular works such as “Star Twinkle PreCure” and “Kaguya-sama wants to tell you about the love brain battle of geniuses,” will play Pompeo, as well as Ai Kakuma and Akio Otsuka. There are a lot of gorgeous voice actors. The acting of the voice actors is also acclaimed with the following comments. “I’m glad that the voice actor who brings the character to life was just an addictive role. Especially, Natalie’s cute voice kept me crushing.” (Female, 40s) “Konomi Kohara is appearing, so please watch it. Then, I was impressed to meet the best work! It’s just a fantastic scene with full rotation from the beginning to the end. “(Teen, male)

Looking forward while being supported by the surroundings, Jean and Natalie are lively in sympathy. Even after being selected as the director of “MEISTER” by Pompeo, Jean, who is always confident, can’t believe himself, “Can I make a movie?” On the other hand, Natalie came to Nyariwood dreaming of a star but continued to fall into the audition and spent her days working part-time for living expenses. The appearance of these two people is not limited to making movies but is resonating with people who are currently working hard on something and who are lost on the way to go in the future. “My favorite character is Jean. I was very attracted to the way he gained confidence and became a director in both name and reality.” (Male, 40s) “It was a work that conveyed my belief in the movie. As a chaser of dreams, there was something that touched my heart.” (Female teenager) “I was moved by way of life and determination of Jean, who devotes everything to the movie, and I was very encouraged.” ( (Male, teenager) “Jean and Natalie seem to be looking at themselves, and I want to cheer for them,’ Ganbare!'” (Female, 50) Jean and Nata who are young and lost. Lee. Not only Pompo but also her grandfather and legendary film producer JD Petersen will lead these two people.

Regarding such a relationship, I was able to hear the impression that “I thought that the creation was made while interacting with various people. I enjoyed listening to various quotes” (male teenager). I can tell that I have received hints from the work to go my own way.

If you want to move forward, it will push your back! Expectations for the sequel also overcome various difficulties, and this work depicts completing a movie. The way someone is working hard has had a considerable impact on those who watch over it. I would also like to introduce the voices of people who were moved by the efforts of Jean and Natalie. “It was a movie that reminded me of my hard work, enthusiasm, and seriousness. After watching it, I naturally felt that I should do my best and do something serious!” (Male, 20s) “Of course, for those who are chasing their dreams with all their might, but also for those who can’t pursue their dreams. After watching, I wanted to start running in the city at night.” (Male, 20s) ) “If you try without giving up many times and survive with a smile, you can get closer to your dreams, and you will be satisfied with yourself. Your efforts will be rewarded.” (Male, teenager) “The lively work of the characters, from next year I was very inspired because I became a new member of society.” (Female, 20s) In addition, “I want to see if there is a sequel!” And “I will check the original. I also expect the sequel!” “Pompeo-san, I want you to animate the story of your grandpa. “It seems that many people are eager for a sequel as early as possible, which also shows the high degree of satisfaction of the work. By the way, as of June 25, “KAMITSUBAKI” was given to everyone who purchased the ticket on the day of the movie ticket. “STUDIO Artist x” Movie Love Pompo-san “Collaboration Visual Smartphone Wallpaper” is also running a campaign where you can get 100pts of Mubichike points when you purchase two or more, so repeaters should check it out. “Pompeo-san, who loves movies,” should gently push the backs of people who know that they should act to change themselves, not just manufacturing, but who are not brave enough to take a step forward. Please appreciate this work and receive an “ale” for those who pursue their dreams. Sentence / Sankreio Tsubasa

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