There’s plenty of big news! ‘Blue Archive’ People who are climaxing with TV animation ‘What kind of visual will the teacher become?’

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NEXON Games development, smartphone application game “Blue Archive -” operated by Yostar, will be made into a TV animation as “Blue Archive The Animation” on January 22nd.

This work is a new sensation RPG game that sings “school x youth x story.” It depicts the activities of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Petri dish, which solves various incidents and accidents that occur in Kivotos, a city made up of thousands of schools. The content is to increase intimacy with us, build a relationship of trust, and unravel the incident in front of you.

This news was revealed as the highlight of the event “Buruaka Live! Second Aniba SP!” held on the same day. Along with the information disclosure, a mysterious teaser visual has also been unveiled in which Arona, a character familiar to users as a navigator of the game, stands in a classroom that has half collapsed and is about to sink into the sea, smiling against a blue sky with thunderclouds in the background.

Fans were stunned by the sudden big news, saying, “With this, I’ve found a reason to live again” No way! There is too much information.” Also, “Is it a heavy line or a comic… Which one is it!?” I’m going to make the teacher a weird character… No, it’s strange, but please give me a lovely voice and look” “I wonder what kind of visuals you’ll have, Sensei?” There were also voices saying they would pay attention to it as soon as possible. In addition, the broadcast date of the TV animation and the voice actors and staff will be announced in the future.

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