Three selections of threats from the anime ‘Sazae-san’, ‘Not reusable’, ‘Unknown settings.’

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The details that the staff of “Sazae-san” continue to stick to to “do not change.”

Speaking of the anime “Sazae-san” (original: Machiko Hasegawa), the image of “immutable” is common. Even if the times change from Showa to Heisei and Reiwa, the world of the Isono family and eventually “Sazae-san” is created based on “Showa nostalgia”, which gives us an indescribable sense of security. It is.

It may not change from the viewer’s point of view, but it takes extraordinary efforts of the production team to continue broadcasting for more than 50 years during the golden hours on Sunday. In this article, the official book “Anime” Sazae-san “Official Encyclopedia Sazae! (Fusosha Publishing Co., Ltd.), I want to introduce the facts behind the lesser-known anime “Sazae-san” production.

Did you know? The background of the room was not reused!

It can be said that the sense of stability of “Sazae-san” lies in drawing similar scenes with the same angle of view. Everyone should be able to imagine the scenery of the Isono family surrounding the dining table.

The background of the dining table always has TVs, chests of drawers, flowers seen through windows, curtains, etc… I haven’t reused them at all. It is said that the person in charge of drawing is redrawing each time.

As I will mention later, “Sazae-san” is an animation that attaches great importance to the seasons, so the flowers that bloom in the garden are changed. The calendar is adjusted according to the subtle changes in the seasons. I heard that they are doing it. It seems to be “immutable”, and in fact, only the subtle differences in time were carefully drawn.

If you take a closer look … Curtains are different!

It’s not just the tea room that cherishes the “season”. Let’s pay attention to more details. The Isono family’s curtains were also changed according to the season, and it is drawn lightly in the hot summer and thick in the winter. Also, the kotatsu in the living room is from December to February.

Indeed, to maintain “immutability”, it is necessary to change what can be changed. The sense of security created by “Sazae-san” corresponds to the Japanese spirit of loving the four seasons.

“Character setting” of the lesser-known Sazae

Sazae-san, the main character, is officially depicted as a woman with a lot of energy, such as “a character like breaking a bamboo” and “sometimes scratches that are talkative and sloppy”, but officially, watching There is a character set that I want people to notice.

It is “size fashionable”. If you look closely at Sazae-san’s costume, you will find that it is different every time. The drawing team creates a costume table and is particular about changing it each time. In addition, the opening pays specific attention to “fashionable”, and Sazae-san is dressed in trendy fashion for each era. Conversely, if you look at Sazae-san’s fashion at the opening, you can see what is in style now. Yes, Sazae-san could be said to have been the original influencer in the fashion world.

Shortly after this official book was released, “Sazae-san,” which had been produced with “cels,” will also be digitally delivered. This is September 26, 2013, and this work was also the last “cel picture” animation in Japan. Therefore, it is necessary to verify how much the unknown commitment introduced is inherited at the current site. However, the opening, etc., is still sticking to analog, that is, hand-painted.

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