Popular ranking of TV anime characters voiced by Ryo Horikawa! The first place is ‘Vegeta.’

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Today, February 1, is the birthday of Ryo Horikawa, who is active as a voice actor. Horikawa, who has been active as an actor since childhood, made his debut as a voice actor in 1984 as Kenta Hirono, the main character of the TV anime “Dream Warrior Wingman.”

After that, he was in charge of many famous characters, such as Shun of “Saint Seiya,” Reinhardt of “Legend of the Galactic Heroes,” and Heiji Hattori of “Detective Conan.” But most of all, Horikawa-san is Vegeta from the “Dragon Ball” series.

Mr. Horikawa plans to release his first single CD with original music in the spring of 2023 to commemorate the 60th anniversary of his debut in the entertainment industry. To celebrate Mr. Horikawa’s birthday, we will introduce the “Character popularity ranking of TV anime voiced by voice actor ‘Ryo Horikawa'” (February 2022 Netorabo survey, 1806 responses).

Voting targets are 71 TV anime characters played by Mr. Horikawa as of February 2022, when the vote was conducted. Among the many famous characters, who was the most popular? (Survey period: February 24 to March 3, 2022, Valid responses: 1806 votes)

  1. Heiji Hattori “Detective Conan.”
    Second place went to Heiji Hattori from “Detective Conan.” The number of votes is 444 votes. A well-known high school detective in Osaka, he knows the true identity of the main character, Conan Edogawa, and has teamed up with him to solve many complex cases. The friendly Kansai dialect is characteristic. Mr. Horikawa himself is also from Osaka Prefecture.

2. Vegeta “Dragon Ball.”
The first place was Vegeta of “The Dragon Ball series.” The number of votes is 525 votes. A Saiyan with high fighting power, he sees Goku as a rival after losing to Son Goku on Earth. At first, he is an evil warrior, but it’s impressive how he gradually changes as he spends time with Goku and Bulma on Earth. Mr. Horikawa beautifully expressed that change.

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