‘Tokyo Revengers’ x ‘Wired’ collaboration Seiko watch appeared.

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Seiko Watch will release a limited number of collaboration models (3 models in total) between the fashion watch brand and the TV anime “Tokyo Revengers” from Friday, July 8th.

The TV anime “Tokyo Revengers” has been serialized in “Weekly Shonen Magazine” (Kodansha) since 2017 and is based on the latest manga “Tokyo Revengers” presented by Ken Wakui, the creator of “Shinjuku Swan.” This is a story about Takemichi Hanagaki, a freezer at the bottom of his life, aiming for revenge in his life by time-leaping in junior high school.

Broadcast from April 2021, and a live-action movie was released in July of the same year. In addition, the stage production and the production of the TV anime “Christmas Eve” have been announced, attracting many people.

This work and the REFLECTION series are a collaboration. Takemichi, Mikey, Draken, and all three models with hot and unique characters as motifs are lined up.

Takemichi is the hero who has a weak fight and is fragile with tears. However, the model, which symbolizes him who will not give up even if he is a strong opponent, is designed with a lightning bolt for time leap, which is indispensable for him struggling to change his destiny. With the necklace presented to his lover as a motif, a four-leaf clover is placed at 4 o’clock to express the uniqueness of Takemichi.

In addition, at 9 o’clock, the scars of the medal that fought against his relative, Kiyomasa, are hidden and printed, creating a solid heart hidden in the depths.

Bad group, Tokyo Revengers, the first president, Mikey. He is small but has an intense fight, and his overwhelming charisma keeps the team together. The model is designed with the Tokyo Revengers uniform as a dial. By boldly arranging the “Tenjo Tenka Yuigadokuson” embroidered on his corps clothes, it is a model where you can feel Mikey’s boldness and team power.

And Draken, the first Vice President of Tokyo Revengers. Mikey’s good companion can rely on his big brother and has a first-class fight to change the battle situation by himself. In the model, his trademark “Dragon tattoo” and the “Happi pattern” that he usually wears are expressed on the dial. I finished it as an excellent watch like Draken.

The back cover contains a superb anime illustration of each character.

In addition, a special mini card is available along with a special box with the logo of the TV anime “Tokyo Revengers.” On the back of the mini card is a single illustration of each character.

The suggested retail price of this product is 22,000 yen (tax included), and it will be on sale from July 8th (Friday).

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