TV anime ‘Chibi Maruko-chan’ August guest voice actor festival Robert, a laughing trio in the 4th week

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TV anime “Chibi Maruko-chan” being broadcast every Sunday from 18:00 on the Fuji TV series. The month of August was titled “I love Maru-chan! Guest voice actor festival in August”, and gorgeous guest voice actors appeared on the program for five consecutive weeks.

Seika Inoue (Fuji TV announcer), who is familiar with “Mezamashi TV,” will appear as a girl in the third grade of elementary school who speaks Hakata dialect on the broadcast on the broadcast Sunday, August 15th, which is the third week.

And this time, comments have arrived from Robert, the comedy trio who will appear in the 4th week (August 22nd), and Mone Kamishiraishi, who will appear in the 5th week (August 29th).

As a carefree hitchhiker, three people traveling to Cape Soya in Hokkaido meet Maruko when they come to Shimizu in Shizuoka.

The three seem to be hungry because they don’t have much money, but apparently, they are doing something like street performance in the land they visited to earn money and eat. So I started “something” with a guitar in a vacant lot to make some food, but that “something” is the magical rhythm “tututu” that calls for happiness.

Three people continue to talk with the customers gathered in the vacant lot, riding a mysterious rhythm that remains strangely in my head. Gradually, the customers are captivated by the weird rhythm, though I don’t know why.

From the beginning of the dubbing, the three people’s breaths fit together, and the result was very natural as if you were watching the usual three people in animation, and it went smoothly. Occasionally there is room for ad-lib, especially in the part where you play with the rhythm of tututu. It is a funny performance that makes full use of Robert’s uniqueness while holding a mysterious hand. It is so exciting that even the staff who witnessed the recording laughed unintentionally. I did. Please look forward to the laughter performances of these three people who are in harmony with each other!

Comments from Robert (Ryuji Akiyama, Hiroyuki Baba, Hiroshi Yamamoto)

What was your impression when you decided to appear in Chibi Maruko-chan?

Mr. Baba: “I thought it was a brief appearance, but it was a remarkable job for me to appear for such a long time. It’s a job I’ve never had before. I was also a voice actor for a movie. There is, but I had never played “Soldier A,” so it was bizarre to be in “Chibi Maruko-chan” as Hiroyuki. “

Mr. Akiyama: “Because it’s a story that makes use of the story, I’m impressed that Maru-chan and others are doing their own story. Until now, there have been various collaborations with entertainers who seem to be uncomfortable. I came, but this is impossible. It’s unlikely that I’ll go to Maru-chan’s house. “

Mr. Yamamoto: “My wife also loves” Chibi Maruko-Chan, “and I record it every time. That’s why I can’t believe it. It’s a memory for me or a memorial to this script. I will take good care of it, and I think it will be a treasure. “

Mr. Akiyama: “Thank you for thinking about Tale ~.”

Mr. Yamamoto: “Tututu is really … At first,” What’s interesting about that? “Because I said”

Mr. Akiyama: “This story is already sealed. If it appears in” Chibi Maruko-Chan, “it will be one goal.”

What is your impression of the illustration of the role you play?

Mr. Baba: “It ‘s perfect, isn’t it?”

Mr. Yamamoto: “It’s not that you should separate the characters properly and create a character that matches the role that already exists, but that you create a new character that suits you, and that T-shirt also I wear it like that. “

Mr. Akiyama: “Somehow, they color-coded me, and they also reproduced this hairstyle.”

What was the episode of your trip when you were young?

Mr. Baba: “Speaking of travel, I traveled with Akiyama by bicycle from Kitakyushu to Oita on a normal mamachari.”

Mr. Akiyama: “I was doing something quite similar to this story. When I was a high school student, I traveled on a bicycle with Baba and four friends. It’s a neighboring prefecture, but it’s about 100 km, so it’s reckless to go on a bike. It was a challenge for Golden Week.

Those who are in club activities play club activities, those who are in a band play band, those who have a girlfriend play with her, we just went on a trip with four men on a mamachari, so “Are they okay?” It was rumored.

I had to take the train back because it was challenging to return, but he told me that I had to disassemble my bicycle when I asked a JR person. But it’s not a bicycle that you can disassemble because it’s a mamachari. The other two were disposed of there, but Baba and I are attached to the bike and disassembled on the spot. I assembled it at the rotary right in front of me when I arrived, but I didn’t know how to make it, so I ended up throwing it away locally. It wasn’t a disassembled type of chari. “

Mr. Yamamoto: “I lived in Gunma prefecture when I was in high school, so I don’t have the sea. So I tried to get a moped license and go together to see the sea. 4 from Gunma It took me about a while to go to the nearest seat, but at that time I saw the sea firmly for the first time and often said that the tide was odorous. “I remember going.”

The encounter of Maruko and a mysterious girl

As a voice actor, Mone Kamishiraishi has already participated in many works and has fascinated many people with her soft yet core voice. This time we will play a 9-year-old girl.

She is an eccentric little girl, and at first, she takes a nasty attitude toward Maruko-chan because of her lack of self-confidence. Still, it is a warm story that she is gradually drawn into the pace of Maruko-chan and becomes more open.

The dubbing went smoothly at a much faster pace than expected, and the director praised the test at the beginning, saying, “I have nothing to say.” Would you please look forward to how Mr. Kamishiraishi, who has acted as a voice actor in numerous animations, will play a 9-year-old girl who appears in the world of Maruko?

Comment from Mone Kamishiraishi

What was your impression when you decided to appear in Chibi Maruko-chan?

Kamishiraishi: “I was so happy that I jumped up because I didn’t even dream about it. I’ve been watching it since I was little, and even after I became an adult, I read Momoko Sakura’s essay and loved this worldview again. I still watch “Chibi Maruko-Chan” a lot, so I thought, “There is something like this. There are many things I should continue to do.”

About the character you played

Kamishiraishi: “I think that when people are having fun because they aren’t doing well, I feel like I’m going to cheat a little, so I played with a lot of sympathies. Even if it’s a little twisted at first, it’s new. It’s a beautiful thing about a child to change their feelings and way of thinking by touching such thoughts. I want to emulate this child. As an adult, I can’t change my way of thinking so much. As expected, I thought it was Maru-chan’s view of the world and played it. “

What did you pay attention to and devise when performing?

Kamishiraishi: “Since I was a child who was a little sloppy, I wanted to attack a child who wasn’t too young so that I wouldn’t grow up too much. The voices of Maru-chan and Tama-chan pulled me, and I was able to enter that world naturally. After all, their voices were unique. “

A message to everyone who is looking forward to

Kamishiraishi: “It’s a perfect story with Jean. Even though I was reading the script, I made it Jean, but when it was told in Maru-chan’s voice, it came into my heart, and I got a new work called” Chibi Maruko-Chan. ” I thought it was a story that condensed the goodness of the story. It has a very summery feel, but it is a little moist, and it is a perfect story for broadcasting at the end of summer. I hope you enjoy it with your family.”

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