Mamoru Nagano ‘Gothic Maid’ will be screened in revival at about 50 theaters nationwide in November

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To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the theatrical animation “GOTHICMADE -Hana no Uta-” released in 2012, it will be revived from November 1st to 10th at TOHO Cinemas Shinjuku and about 50 theaters nationwide. Screened.

This work is an original robot animation directed and written by Mamoru Nagano, known for ” Five Star Story. ” Berin, a girl who has inherited her memory from generation to generation and has become a “poet girl” who prophecies, continues her journey while at odds with Prince Triharon of the Danube Empire, a military power.

It is a work that has not been packaged or distributed and has only been seen in re-screenings by “Dripus” after its release.

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