TV anime ‘Level 1’, additional cast members Hiroshi Shimono, Chinatsu Akasaki, Maaya Uchida

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From the currently airing TV anime “Level 1 but unique skills are the strongest”, cast information of characters appearing from episode 5 and non-credit opening and ending statement has been released.

New characters and casts include Hiro Shimono as Neptune, Chinatsu Akasaki as Lil, and Maaya Uchida as Ran. I want to consider the future story of how these three people will interact with Ryota and Emily.

In addition, a non-credit video of the OP theme “Chase Me” sung by “Nora from Konya, Ano Machi Kara” and the ED theme “Tambourine no Naru Oka” sung by Airi Miyagawa has also been released.

The opening is a condensed representation of Ryota’s story drawn in this work, and the story begins with the encounter between Ryota and Emily and meets various characters such as Elsa and Eve. At the end of the video, the appearance of the Ryota family gathering is also depicted, raising expectations for future adventures.

TV anime “Level 1 but unique skills are the strongest” non-credit OP video

And the ending is a video that spotlights Emily. Emily, who eats alone in the dungeon, meets Ryota and their friends and gradually increases the number of people around the dining table.

TV animation “Level 1 but unique skills are the strongest” non-credit ED video.

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