‘Hiroaka’ Ochako’s ‘Minor’s Claim’ Ayane Sakura ‘I played with my soul’ in the fan attention episode.

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The synopsis and scene cuts of the 24th episode (137 episodes) of the Yomiuri TV/Nippon TV anime “My Hero Academia” have been released.

Episode 137, “A minor’s allegation,” is frustrated and exhausted while fighting alone, not wanting to hurt the people around him. After receiving the desperate words and feelings, I finally opened my closed thoughts.

However, when Deku and his friends set foot in Yuuei High School, many refugees criticize them, saying, “Deku’s return to Yuuei puts them in danger.”

Ochako then picks up her loudspeaker and calls out to her refugees. The reason Deku left Yuei, the fact that he continued to fight alone, the fact that he was hurt and exhausted. Will the wishes of Ochako and the 1-A members reach the crowd?

The focus of this episode is Deku’s classmate, Ochako Uraraka. Ayane Sakura, the voice actress who plays Ochako, has released a comment from the general public who are taking refuge at Yuei High School who confront Deku with courage and conviction.

The original work is a popular manga that has sold over 85 million copies. A story of growing up with friends at Yuei High School, a prestigious hero training school, to become a “hero” who protects the “enemy” (villain), a criminal who abuses his personality.

It has been serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump” since July 2014, and the first season of TV animation started in April 2016, and the movie version has also been released.

Comment from Ayane Sakura
“When I saw that the subtitle of the script said ‘assertion of a minor,’ I felt the pressure and expectation that this scene would be drawn in a big way.

So many people close to me say, “I’m looking forward to that scene,” so the pressure may have been more significant until I came to the studio. However, while being watched over by everyone in Group A (co-starring) while feeling their strength, I performed with all my soul so that it would be one element of Hiroaka that would move everyone’s hearts. I hope Ochako’s feelings will also be delivered to the anime.”

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