TV anime ‘My Lily is my job!’ Yui Ogura, Sumire Uesaka, and other main casts talk about their thoughts on the characters

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“Yangme looks so cute! She thinks she can do anything independently but needs help remembering the menu at her cafe and is a little clumsy. But it’s adorable.

The hardest part of acting as Hinome, and I want you to pay attention to the beginning of the post-recording. I struggled with how much I could reveal my true intentions. From the middle stage, I realized that I could do as much as I wanted, and since Hinome has a variety of facial expressions, I devised a way for her to perform with a difference in emotions. In the second half of her story, there is a scene where she reveals her true feelings or her own emotions, so I hope you will pay attention to her. What kind of person is Mizuki to you?

It’s hard to describe her in one word, but she’s special. She’s an essential person to Hinome, and thanks to Mizuki, some things have changed and made her realize she’s an important person to her. What are Hinata’s true feelings for Mizuki? It is a point to worry about what will happen in the future.

What are the situations where your true feelings overflow? -I like having tea at a cafe or afternoon with friends, so I can’t help but chat in those situations. It’s easier to express your true intentions and feelings when relaxed.

What kind of fashion coordination would you like to try if you were Yangme? You look good in anything, so I’d like to change into various genres of clothes. Everything looks good on you, from cute things to cool things, so I want to wear a lot!

Please give a word of enthusiasm to the viewers! -Those who have seen the original work, and those who have learned about it through the anime, I think it is a work that can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of gender. I would be happy if you could think that everyone was deceived and watch it once. Please watch until the last episode.

Thank you. Sumire Uesaka as Mizuki Ayanokoji What is Mizuki’s cuteness, and what do you want to tsukkomi? – Contrary to her sister’s dignified appearance, her face immediately turned bright red, and when she wanted to praise Yangme, she said, “You did a good job, didn’t you?” The clumsy place becomes cute. When interacting at the salon, it’s cute that she tends to be pushed by Junka unexpectedly. Her acting is perfect, but when it comes down to it, she can’t do it at all.

The hardest part of playing Mizuki, and what I want you to pay attention to, is the gap between the gorgeous older sister at the salon and the harsh words “Hold on tight!” However, it is also a difficult point, and it is also a fun part to play. As the story progresses, we touch on Mizuki’s past, but her appearance is quite different, so I carefully balanced things like her age while retaining her Mizuki-ness. I tried to create a straight, cute, clumsy, and lovely character, so could you pay attention to it? What kind of person is Yangme to Mizuki?

Someone special, anyway. She changed me in so many ways. Too conscious, I’m a fated person who can’t keep up with my emotions. Yangme has a lot of talent that Mizuki doesn’t have, even if she says, “Onee-sama is wonderful” I don’t know if she’s really saying it or just being quiet, so it’s painful… That’s why she’s an essential existence, but a part of her makes her uneasy.

What are the situations where your true feelings overflow? -Usually, I don’t hold back much about my true feelings… (laughs). I’m reticent when I’m nervous on set, but other than that, my true feelings may be more or less natural.

What kind of fashion coordination would you like to try if you were Mizuki? -Ms. Mizuki has an outstanding style, so I would like her to wear clothes that make her body line look beautiful, such as a bunny girl.

She doesn’t show much when she’s Ribe, but if she wears a swimsuit or bunny, her destructive power is fantastic! Please give a word of enthusiasm to the viewers! Set in a concept café, it depicts the relationship between sisters as a job and their true feelings of love.

A wonderful world and pictures are lovely works. She’s all beautiful girls, so there are times when she’s very soothing and when her chest tightens because she can’t help but wonder what will happen next. It’s recommended to watch it all at once, but I hope you’ll take care of it one episode at a time.

Tanaka Miumi as Kanoko Amamiya, I want to hit Kanoko’s cuteness here! In that case-Yo-chan is cute! I can’t say that directly, and it’s cute that she always turns red. Since the glasses are removed in the salon, there is also a gap and cute! What I want to say is… When it comes to Hinome-chan, I can’t see what’s happening around me, so it’s okay to be bold occasionally!?

The most challenging part of acting, especially the one I want you to pay attention to – is not to be too blunt or cold when talking to people other than Hinome. It’s just that Kanoko is shy and not good at talking to people. , enemy! I was trying to say that it was not. Also, I would like you to pay attention to my feelings for Yome-chan, who has become a little more frightening because of the painting! What kind of person is Junka to Kanoko? -At first, you may think that you are an outspoken person who slips into people’s territory. I don’t know what she’s thinking… Kanoko has a strong sense of weakness. The exciting thing about Watayuri is that people change their minds from there!

At what time do you let your true feelings out? (In front of your pet dog, talking to yourself in the bath, in front of your co-workers, etc.) -In front of animals, it’s all cute! I say. A dog walking or a stray cat… I’m happy for another day when I have a surprise dog and cat in my workplace, beauty salon, or cafe. I can’t help but sound like I’m stroking a cat.

If you were Kanoko, what kind of fashion coordination would you like to try? -I look good with my hair up, so I’d like to see a casual adult outfit with a ponytail and a jacket and pants style! A navy blue jacket and white pants… you look fantastic with or without glasses! I want to see it all in one set until I turn red when I’m told I look good on you.

A word of enthusiasm for those who watch the work-The post-recording ended a long time ago, but I’m really happy to be able to deliver it to everyone like this! Please enjoy the work while paying attention to the various thoughts of the cute Yome-chan from head to toe and the characters surrounding Yome-chan! Makoto Koichi as Junka Tachibana Junka’s cuteness, the part I want to poke at the gap between work and private life! He is very serious about his work, and I like how he always looks around. It will be a while before Junka-san becomes cute… now she’s more relaxed than cute! Beautiful! That’s my impression.

I would like you to pay particular attention to my struggles while acting. There was a direction that I wanted you to interweave the cool older sister part and the coolness of the stage. It was challenging to balance plums, but I had a lot of fun playing with them, so I would like you to pay attention to them. What kind of person is Kanoko to Junka? -It’s just my interpretation, but I want to get along with her, but I’m building a wall with everyone other than Hime-chan, and even if I talk to her, she’ll get scared, and I don’t know what she’s thinking. She is a difficult child to handle. Right, first!!!

At what time do you let your true feelings out? – It’s time to push the limits in many ways. If you were Junka, what kind of fashion coordination would you like to try? -It doesn’t suit me personally, so when I become Junka, I want to enjoy gyaru coordination to my heart’s content! A word of enthusiasm for those who watch the work-The gorgeous world of Ribe Girls’ Academy.

The true intentions they hide. A relationship that changes while bumping into each other. I would be happy if you could watch over me as if you were one of Ribe’s customers! Thank you! The original comic by Mihata is serialized in “Comic Yuri Hime” (Ichijinsha). It is a girls’ love comedy in which lies and real intentions appear and disappear in a concept cafe. The total number of copies issued has exceeded 600,000, including the electronic version. (Various News, Kazuki Matsuda)

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