Big Mom makes a meaningful statement! Is there more than one ‘One Piece Treasure’ in ‘One Piece’?

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Are there many “one-piece treasures”?
The marine adventure romance manga “ONE PIECE” over the “One Piece” left by the legendary pirate king Gol D. Roger. As the series continues for a long time, many readers wonder what the critical item of the story, “One Piece,” is.

Since then, there are descriptions of scenes that have not yet been animated or made into books. Please be careful if you haven’t read the original manga and are a book writer.

Amid various expectations, Big Mom became a hot topic in the story published in “Weekly Shonen Jump”, released on February 14, 2022, with a suspicious line about “One Piece of Great Treasure”. As a result, the theory that multiple treasures have emerged, “Maybe there is only one” one-piece treasure “?”

The scene where Big Mom was in danger in episode 1040 of “ONE PIECE” attracted attention. Big Mom, who began to grudge against Roger at the beginning of the Great Pirate era, said, “Isn’t there (one treasure) in this country?” Since he said “in this country” instead of “in this country”, he said on the internet, “Is there a part of the treasure in Wano country in the words of Big Mom?” I wonder if it will connect them. “

In addition to this, some hints support the multiple theories of “one piece of great treasure”. For example, in episode 968, it is explained that the general term for “everything Roger has obtained” is “one piece of great treasure.” If there is only one treasure, it would be uncomfortable to describe it as “everything”, so there may be multiple “one-piece treasures”.

By the way, Roger, who arrived at the “One Piece Treasure” in the past, was laughing at the treasure. It doesn’t seem that I was just happy to find the treasure and laughed, so the island where the treasure was located is named “LAUGH TALE”, which means “laughter story”. I can’t help but look forward to the day when it will be revealed what the true identity of the “one-piece treasure” that forms the basis of the story is.

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