‘Uma Musume’ crying times ‘Tokyo Revengers’ Mikey quotes and ‘Molker’! Three famous scenes of ‘most popular’ buzzing anime in 2021

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2021 is about to end. I think 2021 was a year in which many new hit series were born in addition to the broadcast of the sequel to the anime that had been broadcast so far. In addition, many announcements looked forward to 2022 and beyond, such as the animation movie of “SLAM DUNK” and the broadcast decision of the final chapter of the animation “BLEACH,” “Thousand-Year Blood Battle,” and the anime news swept the topic.

Therefore, we will introduce some famous scenes from this year’s “buzzed” animation. I want to look back on this year’s anime through works that represent 2021 that everyone has heard about the relevant scenes and lines even if they haven’t seen the anime itself.

“Molcar” has been trending every time since early morning
First of all, “PUI PUI Molcar” was broadcast on “Kinder TV” (TV Tokyo network) from January to March. This is a stop-motion animation in which the guinea pig car “Molcar” made of wool felt makes an outstanding performance.

The great thing about this anime is that it is as short as 2 minutes and 40 seconds per episode, and the individuality and cuteness of Molcar are fully depicted. The main character is in an omnibus format that differs depending on the time, especially “buzzed” in the sixth episode. One of the characters, “Shiromo,” became a zombie when a zombie bit him, and even after that, he appeared as a zombie for several episodes. Worried about Shiromo, who hasn’t returned to its original form, the word “Zombie Shiromo” was trending on Twitter every week after the broadcast.

In addition, in the time paradox phenomenon that seems to be a homage to the 11th episode “Back to the Future,” the development that Shiromo escaped from being bitten by zombies and did not become a zombie was drawn. It seems that many fans were surprised at the unexpected recovery of hints.

The popularity of “Molcar” has spread to unexpected industries, and novelist Yukito Ayatsuji and his wife Fuyumi Ono are also very addicted to it. Mr. Ono seems to make Molcar by hand with wool felt, and, surprisingly, Mr. Ayatsuji was addicted to “Molcar” because novelist Rintaro Norizuki recommended him.

Crying of “Uma Musume” who made “net popular words” totally disappointing

Next, “Uma Musume Pretty Derby,” the anime Season 2, was broadcast from January to March. It is a story that depicts the growth of a character called “Uma Musume,” who is anthropomorphic of a real racehorse. In the second term, the activities centered on Tokai Teio and Mejiro McQueen were drawn.

The second episode of the anime is the 7th episode, “A Blessed Name,” with a special ED, followed by the 8th episode, “Small Prayer.”

This is an episode centered on the rice shower of a timid and bearish horse girl. Rice Shower won the Kikuka-sho by winning Mihono Bourbon. However, after being booed by a spectator hoping for Mihono Bourbon’s undefeated triple crown in this race, Rice Shower said she wouldn’t run anymore. After that, Rice Shower, who decided to run as a “hero” instead of a “heel (villain)” after persuading Mihono Bourbon and others, is an episode that prevents Mejiro McQueen from winning the third straight victory with a splendid run.

The narration “Heal, Hero, Nightmare, Miracle” talked about the special ED with Rice Shower as the main character and the Rice Shower of the Emperor’s Award (Spring) in the JRA TV commercial “The WINNER” broadcast in 2012. If you are a rice shower fan, you will be impressed with the script that reminds you of. After the animation was distributed, voices such as “God times” and “crying” were raised on SNS.

On February 24th, an app game was released and became very popular, “Uma Musume.” “Uma Musume Pretty Derby” won the annual grand prize in the “Net Buzzword 100” project, which was announced on December 1st to commend the most popular words on the net this year. Characters “Gold Ship” “Rice Shower” “Tokai Teio” “Agnes Tachyon,” “Twin Turbo,” “Mejiro McQueen,” “Oguri Cap,” “Suragawa Tazuna,” “Silence Suzuka,” “Symboli Rudolf,” “Special Week” “Daiwa Scarlet” “Haruurara” “Kitasan Black” and “Nice Nature” were also in the top 100. The theme song “Umapyoi Densetsu” and the spin-off cartoon “Umamusume Cinderella Gray” were also ranked.

“Tokyo Revengers” gained popularity from a wide range of people
Finally, “Tokyo Revengers” was broadcast from April to September and was made into a live-action movie and a 2.5-dimensional stage in 2021.

It is a work that depicts the hero of a dull part-time jobber repeating a time leap to her junior high school days to change the fate of her former lover being killed and forming a runaway team.

The most buzzing was the 5th episode of the anime, and the president, Manjiro Sano (Mikey), told the members, “I’ve been killed by Par’s best friend (friend), but there’s a guy. Who’s hiyokko !?” A scene of a rally to hang a happy. In this scene, people who manage TikTok appear one after another. The Kotoba category of the “JC / JK Buzzword Award 2021 1st Half” ranked 3rd in the Kotoba category, making it a famous anime line representing 2021. The original is a Yankee manga serialized in “Weekly Shonen Magazine,” but it has become an anime loved by many people.

In the anime, the hero’s martial arts fell into a pinch of absolute desperation, and the first term ended with a development that was problematic about the continuation. On December 18th, the production of the sequel “Christmas Eve Battle Edition” was announced, and it has already attracted fans’ expectations.

All of the animation scenes introduced this time were quite buzzing in 2021. In 2022, notable works such as “TIGER & BUNNY2”, “Attack on Titan The Final Season Part2”, “Chainsaw Man,” and “SPY x FAMILY” are scheduled to be broadcast. I want to expect a good harvest for the 2022 anime!

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