‘SHAMAN KING’ free delivery for Le Voire! Special video release

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From the TV anime “SHAMAN KING” being broadcast from April 1, 2021, it has been decided that all four episodes of “Kaiyama Le Voir” will be distributed free of charge for a limited time. In addition, a special video that condensed the famous scenes of all four episodes was released on “Megumi Hayashibara,” sung by Megumi Hayashibara.

The TV anime “SHAMAN KING” is an animation based on the popular comic book by Hiroyuki Takei. This work, animated in 2001, revives as a completely new animation. It is a fantasy battle that depicts the battle and growth of Shaman Asakura Yoh and her friends, aiming for the star king “Shaman King,” who controls all things.

This time, it is decided to release all four episodes of “Kousan Le Voir,” which drew Leaf, Anna, and Matamune’s encounter and farewell for a limited time on YouTube’s “Full Anime TV”. !!

The period is two weeks from December 31 (Friday) to January 13 (Thursday), according to when the episode is drawn.

In “Kyozan Le Voir,” the encounter and farewell to the leaves and Anna, who are a little younger than now, and the first ghost of the leaves, Matamune, is depicted. It captures the strong regrets and sad feelings for Yoh Asakura, who have wandered around the world for years.

The unique video of “Kousan Le Voir,” released simultaneously, begins with the impressive red windmill used in the key visual of the same episode slowly turning around.

While the leaves and Matamune talk happily, we take the sleeper limited express “Ototoboshi” and head for Aomori and Osorezan, where Anna lives.

Arriving in Aomori, I met Anna in front of a soba shop, and despite the leaves, I fell in love with her at first sight. Anna projected a scene where she was hit by a grievous blow saying, “I’m obstructing the passage. I’m dead.” There is.

Leaves and Anna are attacked by a demon and are hurt but still in touch. Matamune is watching over these two people. However, the calm time does not last long, and Anna, who can read people’s hearts, creates a giant demon on New Year’s Eve when human troubles gather.

Leaves and Matamune are heading to Osorezan to help Anna trapped by a great demon.

The leaves seen from Anna, Anna seen from the leaves, the leaves seen from Matamune and the beginning of drawing Anna, and the encounter between Matamune and Hao in the latter half, the farewell to Hao, I regret myself who could not believe Hao I will draw the feelings of Matamune.

And we are heading for the final battle with the great demon …

A special video of “Kousan Le Voir” composed of all four episodes of “Kousan Le Voir” was released for free for a limited time and the famous scenes of the same episode. We met and broke up again during the year-end and New Year holidays at “Kyozan Le Voire”!

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