‘Uma Musume’ to be an IP lasting ten years-CyberAgent aims for further development in financial statements.

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On October 26, CyberAgent announced its 2022 financial results announcement. In the materials, we set the goal of making the content related to

“Uma Musume” will start service for iOS / Android devices on February 24, 2021. As of the article’s writing, the number of downloads has exceeded 16 million, and it is known as a smartphone application with momentum enough to be cited as a social phenomenon.

The company has released “Uma Musume” financial statements with the headline “Towards an IP that will last for ten years by strengthening operations and developing cross-media.”

The contents of “Uma Musume” will be further developed through cross-media strategies such as the smartphone app, the short animation “Umayuru, “the new animation that is expected to be active in the “99th generation”, and the “LIVE” event where the voice actors will appear on the stage. So I’m going to let you do it.

The momentum of Uma Musume is unstoppable, but the project could be smoother sailing. It’s not that I’ve been able to move on. Initially scheduled for release in 2018, “Uma Musume” aired an anime version in the same year. Still, the app version was repeatedly postponed, and in 2019 it was reported that the content producer at the time retired.

Fans were worried about whether it would be delivered. Then time passed, and it was released safely in 2021. The reason why it is so popular today is the result of fans eagerly awaiting its release.

I think it’s good news for the fans that a long-term vision of 10 years is shown for such “Uma Musume.” Looking back on 2012, 10 years ago, “Puzzle & Dragons,” which celebrated its 10th anniversary, started service in February 2012.

At that time, titles such as “Kakuseisei Million Arthur” and “Exploration Dryland” were in the top rankings. Moving away from smartphone apps, the series’ first online game, “Dragon Quest X,” began service in August 2012. Looking back, ten years is by no means a short time. Even so, many racehorses in Uma Musume still need to be implemented in the game.

Also, it is no exaggeration to say that the racehorse “Bitter Grasse,” which was “reimported” from “Uma Musume,” recently won its first victory and has had a significant impact on the horse racing world. Ten years is by no means a pipe dream. “I’ll make a dream with you. Keep on winning no matter how many times, beyond the victory!” It can be said that this is why it has blossomed so beautifully. Because it has developed into content that has received much support from fans, I hope it will continue to be carefully nurtured rather than saying “until” 10 years.

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