Who is your favorite voice actress in the Macross series? Introduce three people

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Starting with “The Super Dimension Fortress Macross” broadcasted in 1982, the ” Macross series ” has established a solid position in the science fiction and robot anime genre. Furthermore, the presence of songstresses, indispensable to Macross, has become a big topic each time a new series is announced. As a result, the attention paid to the voice actors who play songstresses has also increased.

Who is your favorite voice actor who has played the songstresses of the Macross series so far? In this article, we will pick up and introduce three of them!

Mari Iijima (Lynn Minmay)

Lynn Minmay, played by Mari Iijima, is the songstress of the memorable first work, “Super Dimension Fortress Macross,” called “First Macross.” Mr. Iijima is in charge of the theme song of the theatrical version ” Super Dimension Fortress Macross. Do you remember love? ” It was epoch-making when Iijima-san, a newcomer as a singer and voice actor, established her popularity through her voice acting business. It’s already a legend that a fictional idol that exists in anime has made a big hit in the real world. It is a pioneer in the media mix strategy of anime and music transmitted to modern times.

Aya Endo (Sheryl Nome)

Sheryl Nome, played by Aya Endo, is the songstress of “Macross F,” created to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the birth of the “Macross series.” May is in charge of her singing part. As her top singer, Cheryl is known as the “fairy of the galaxy” and is extremely popular due to her beauty and voice. She has a confident side, but her delicate side that she sometimes shows has captured the hearts of fans. For Ms. Endo, “Macross F,” in which she played Cheryl, was one of her representative works and a catalyst for her fan base to expand.

Ai Nakajima (Ranka Lee)

Ranka Lee, played by Ai Nakajima, is another songstress of “Macross F.” She admired the top singer Cheryl, and Ranka, who aspired to be a singer, grew into a super idol called “Super Dimensional Cinderella.” Nakajima is also in charge of the singing part. I feel that Nakajima-san, who won the role of Ranka in an audition with about 5,000 applicants, and Ranka, who fulfilled her dream of becoming a singer, have something in common.

Who is your favorite voice actress in the Macross series?

The songstress of the Macross series, whose character voice and singing are sometimes divided. Who’s your favorite voice actor who’s played a diva so far?

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