Video distribution service ‘GYAO!’ Ends service on March 31. ‘GYAO! Store’ and ‘Trend News’

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It was announced on the official website on the 16th that the video distribution service “GYAO! “At the same time, “GYAO! Store” and “Trend News” will also end.

There are also voices of anxiety about the future. On the official website of the Sakurazaka 46 program “Sokosaku,” which is being distributed by GYAO, it is titled “Notice of service termination” and “I am sorry, but I am sorry to say that ‘GYAO!’, ‘GYAO! Store’, ‘Trend’ News” will end all services at 5:00 pm on Friday, March 31, 2023. (Please note that the end time may change depending on the situation.)”.

“We sincerely apologize for causing a great deal of inconvenience and inconvenience to customers enjoying each service. We appreciate your understanding.” He continued, “We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of the management team for the support we have received from so many customers since the start of the service.” We hope you will continue enjoying our store and trend news.”

In addition, to “GYAO! Store” users, “Sales of all the above products will end on February 13, 2023 (Monday). In addition, on March 31, 2023 (Friday), purchased products will be viewed. You won’t be able to,” he cautions. “GYAO!” is a video site with various genres such as movies, dramas, animations, music, and variety shows.

The latest episodes of popular dramas and anime will be distributed for free after the end of the TV broadcast, and you can watch it until just before the next episode is broadcast. We also deal with original programs that can only be seen on the same site. “GYAO! Store” is a service that allows you to purchase your favorite works from a wide variety of content, and “Trend News” introduces entertainment information such as entertainment, anime, and music with original interviews and Internet topics.

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