‘Theater’ girls project ‘World Dyster’ TV animation theater PV-Arabian Nights-Released! Game application ‘Sirius’ key visual release & ‘Eden’ essential visual & new character & cast unveiled!

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The TV anime will be on air from Sunday, April 9, 2023, and the game app will be distributed in the summer of 2023. The theater girl’s project “World Distar” started in 2023.

“Theatrical PV -Arabian Nights” has been released this time! In addition, it is scheduled to be distributed in the summer of 2023 as a rhythm game for smartphones! From the game app “World Distar Dream Stellarium,” which is currently accepting pre-registration, a critical visual depicting the six members of “Sirius” has been released, and the “Eden” key visual, new characters, and cast have been lifted.

TV animation theater PV-Arabian Nights-Released!
“Arabian Nights” by the theater company Sirius, which was performed in episodes 5 to 7 of the TV anime. A theater PV that looks back on the content with music has been released.

TV animation “World Distar” Theater PV -Arabian Nights-

Game app “Sirius” essential visual release!
She is scheduled to be delivered as a smartphone rhythm game in the summer of 2023! The game app “World Distar Dream Stellarium” is currently accepting pre-registration.

This time, a key visual depicting the six members of “Sirius” has been released.

Game app “Eden” key visual & new characters & cast unveiled!
A theater company founded 40 years ago by the charismatic Tetra Sera, it used to be a mobile theater company. Sera left the theater company, and the scale was reduced. After that, the young prodigy who joined the group, Hatsumi Renshakuno, caused a disturbance in the expulsion of some members, causing the group to lose its reputation.
With the first attraction at the top, develop an original play.

Eden key visual

A 13-year-old second-year junior high school student. He has a dark past and has used the “shadow heart” that was born there to make his art, sublimating it into a performance full of emotion. He has a connection with Sirius and has mixed feelings towards Panda. He is fascinated by the first charm of the representative.

Iruru Yorozu (CV. Hibiki Yamamura)
A 17-year-old third-year high school student. A veteran member of Eden and has a long relationship with Hatsumi. Contrary to his appearance, there are parts like an uncle and an old part, and he is also aware of his limitations. He’s the type to get a passing grade in every role, but he could be better.

Shigure Fudeshima (voiced by Maya Yoshioka)
A 10-year-old fifth grader. Because he is very intelligent and strong-willed, he tends to look down on members other than Hatsumi, especially Daikoku, as a rival. Although cheeky, he has a mysterious charm that makes him an avid fan once he likes Shigure.

Commemorative follow-up & retweet gift campaign for the fourth act of the unique distribution program
Follow the official TV anime Twitter and game app official Twitter, and five people will be selected by lottery from those who retweeted the corresponding tweet, and we will present a signed colored paper of the cast who appeared in the fourth act of the unique distribution number.

For details, please check the news on the official website and TV anime Twitter!

TV anime “World Distar” is on air from Sunday, April 9, 2023!

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