Weekly Access Ranking Effort Mirai A BEAUTIFUL STAR

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The article that received the most attention from September 15th to September 21st, 2022, was the anime “Chainsaw Man,” and the image was about Misato Matsuda.

In this news access ranking, the article reporting the theme song of the anime “Chainsaw Man” ranked first.

The opening theme of “Chainsaw Man” is Morning Musume’s new song “KICK BACK,” co-arranged by Kenshi Yonezu with Daiki Tsuneda (King Gnu, millennium parade). It is also a hot topic that the lyrics “Effort Mirai A BEAUTIFUL STAR” from “Yes! We’re ALIVE” are used.

The ending theme for all 12 episodes, which changes every week, is ano, Eve, Aimer, Kanaria, syudou, Queen Bee, Zutto Midonaka Ii Ni. , TK from Ling Tosite Sigure, TOOBOE, Vaundy, PEOPLE 1, and Maximum the Hormone.

In the image ranking, the preceding cut of Misato Matsuda’s 1st solo photo book, which will be released on October 22nd, has attracted many accesses.

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