What is your favorite TV anime character played by voice actor “Natsuki Hanae”? Explain 3 characters!

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Natsuki Hanae has a good reputation for acting like adolescents, such as junior high school students and high school students. She has a neutral treble and is an attractive voice actor for her acting ability and her singing ability. She is also popular on the YouTube channel “Natsuki Hanae,” which focuses on live games, and she is making good use of her multi-talented talent.

Therefore, let’s think about the theme of “What is the TV anime character played by” Natsuki Hanae “?” First of all, I will introduce three characters from the roles that Mr. Hanae has played so far.

Your Lie in April (Kosei Arima)
Kosei Arima is a third-year junior high school student attending Sumitani Junior High School. He is a genius pianist who has been educated as a gifted child from an early age and has achieved results in numerous competitions to fulfill his dream of becoming a “global pianist” that his mother could not fulfill. Hanae brilliantly expressed the strength of the hero who grew up as a pianist while suffering from his genius and the death of his mother.

Kimetsu no Yaiba (Tanjiro Kamado)
Tanjiro Kamado is a boy who became a member of the demon-hunting organization “Oni Slaughter Corps” to avenge his family’s death and to return his younger sister, who became a demon, to humans. He is kind and continues to fight with a spirit of charity, even against the supposed enemy demon. The name of Mr. Hanae, who had already gained high popularity, became even more known to the world due to the big hit of this work.

Ace of Diamond (Spring City, Kominato)
Haruichi Kominato is a member of the Seido High School baseball team, in sync with the main character, Eiji Sawamura. Although he lacks strength and endurance due to his small size, he is a well-established player with high met power that uses his illusionary bat control. While he is shy, he has a passionate fighting spirit against baseball.

Are you speaking of TV anime characters played by “Natsuki Hanae”?
Introduced 3 of the many characters Hanae has played so far. What is your favorite character?

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