Suzu scenery, dialect appearance ‘Skip and Loafer’ is animated by Misaki Takamatsu

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By the 23rd, the popular manga “Skip and Loafer,” drawn by Misaki Takamatsu, a manga artist from Imizu City, will be aired as a TV anime.

It is a topical work that comically depicts the school life of the hero who entered a high school in Tokyo from Ishikawa prefecture. Animation production is in charge of “PA Works” in Nanto City. The hero’s birthplace is modeled on Suzu City, and the scenery and dialects of the city have also appeared. And if her popularity grows, she will likely be attracted to tourists such as pilgrimages to sacred places.

The manga is serialized in Monthly Afternoon (Kodansha), and the book is published up to Volume 7. Mitsumi Iwakura, the main character of a high school girl who can study but has a unique and clumsy sense of distance from people, is a comedy-touch story that weaves with her amazing classmates.

The original author, Mr. Takamatsu, graduated from Kanazawa University and made his debut as a manga artist while attending university. Mitsumi’s birthplace is modeled on Suzu City, where Takamatsu’s mother’s parents’ home is located, and the town where she was born and raised is believed to have been a play on Takojima Town Suzu City.

In the manga, the scenery of Suzu appears in the scene of Mitsumi’s move to Tokyo and homecoming, and the set of interacting with a local friend in a dialect is also drawn. Voice actor Tomoyo Kurosawa is in charge of the voice of her main character, Mitsumi.

Mr. Takamatsu commented, “I feel that the production team is working hard to read the original and make it good. I’m looking forward to it.” The broadcast time will be announced in the future.

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