What manga do you think was successful in both animation and live-action? Original love and casting are essential!

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The live-action movie of “City Hunter” is viral in France.

When the popular manga was animated or live-action, it was often controversial with a taste different from the original. However, in some cases, not only the original but also animation and movies are all popular and hit. Recently, “works that I think have succeeded in animation and live-action” have become a hot topic on the Internet.

First of all, “City Hunter,” which prevailed in “Weekly Shonen Jump,” was evaluated by fans of the original as “The live-action movie and the animation were the most interesting!” This work depicts Ryo Saeba, a sweeper who cleans up the evil in the city and starts broadcasting a TV anime in April 1987. In February 2019, “Theatrical Version City Hunter” was released, and the box office revenue exceeded 1.5 billion yen.

Furthermore, in the same year as the animated film, “City Hunter, THE MOVIE’s Most Incense Mission in History,” which was made into a live-action movie in France by director Philippe Lacheau, who professes to be a big fan of the original, was also released and gained popularity. Audience mobilization in France has recorded a massive hit with over 1.68 million people, becoming a hot topic as a reasonably successful work.

In addition, Professor Nobuyuki Fukumoto’s gambling manga monumental “Kaiji” series is a successful work in animation and live-action movies. In October 2007, the anime version of “Gyakkyo Buraku Kaiji” began broadcasting, and viewers praised it, saying, “The original goodness of the work has been beautifully reproduced!” In addition, the live-action movie “Kaiji: The Ultimate Gamble” has also attracted a lot of attention because actor Tatsuya Fujiwara performed Kaiji’s “No good man” and has achieved the top box office record for two consecutive weeks. And it became a popular series in which sequels are made up to the third work.

Also, Rumiko Takahashi’s popular action romantic comedy “Ranma 1/2” is a famous work with a total of 161 episodes of TV animation and three animation movies. Then, about 20 years after the success of the animation, it was made into a live-action drama as an “original story that makes use of the original” in December 2011. Since there are many fantasy elements, it was considered a problematic live-action film. Still, it seems that the appointment of Yui Aragaki as Akane Tendou was particularly successful. At that time, there were voices on the Internet saying, “Gacky is perfect for the image of Aragaki!” In addition, it seems that the bold creation of completing one episode with the original story while bringing in the visuals of the characters was well-received as “I enjoyed it freshly as another thing.”

Other works that I think worked well for both anime and live-action include “Nodame Cantabile,” “Chihayafuru,” “Ping Pong,” and “Rurouni Kenshin,” “Gintama,” “DEATH NOTE,” a drama in 2009, and a theater in 2010. Names such as “Hakozume-Police in a Pod-Counterattack-” which was just broadcast in the anime, have been mentioned.

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