Animated movie ‘Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honnêamise’ 4K remastered version released at theaters nationwide

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The 4K remastered version of the animated movie “Royal Space Force Oneamis Wings” will be released at Shinjuku Wald 9 and other movie theaters nationwide from October 28, 2022.

“Royal Space Force Oneamis Wings” 4K remastered version released in theaters.

“Royal Space Force: The Wings of Oneamis” was released in theaters on March 14, 1987, and celebrated its 35th anniversary in 2022. This is the first feature-length animated film produced by Bandai in collaboration with the creative group “Gainax,” which brings together young talents such as Hiroyuki Yamaga, Hideaki Anno, Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, and Shinji Higuchi.

Later, this work, in which top creators were involved in many masterpiece animations such as “Aim for the Top!”, “Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water,” and the “Neon Genesis Evangelion” series participated, is a vast and detailed world view created from scratch. And work is known for its high drawing technology that brings the world to life. The rocket launch scene by Hideaki Anno is particularly famous, and you can see the actual value of Anno, who is now widely known as a director, as an animator.

For this theater screening, which was realized to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the release, the central Story was remastered in 4K. Under the supervision of Hiroyuki Yamaga, who was the director of this work, 4K scanning and 4K remastering from 35mm master positive film would be carried out to reproduce the original movie’s information vividly.

Shirotsugh Lhadat. He is a “Royal Space Force soldier,” an army that does not fight.

The space force, which boasts a history of 30 years, has been abandoned by the government, and now even artificial satellites, let alone humans, cannot be satisfied. Before I knew it, I couldn’t help but dream of space and training. One day, he met Shirotsugh’s fate when he met a mysterious girl, Riikuni, who preached the teachings of God in the city. Shirotsugu volunteered to be a space pilot, despite the opposition of his fellow soldiers.

Thus, the space flight plan to recover the prestige and honor of the “Royal Space Force” has started.

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