‘Wind Breaker,’ The popular delinquent manga, will be turned into a TV anime!!

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The new generation Yankee manga “WINDBREAKER,” which has been reprinted as soon as it is released, will be made into a TV animation! At the same time, the teaser visual has been lifted.

“WINDBREAKER” is a manga work (written by Niisatoru) serialized in “Magazine Pocket” (Kodansha). The main character, Haruka Sakura, entered the super delinquent Furin High School to become the top. And Sakura will start fighting to protect the city as a member of the wind chimes!

The serialization will start in 2021, and it has become a famous work with a cumulative circulation of over 1.22 million copies.

Such a work is a long-awaited TV animation!
It has also been decided that CloverWorks, which handles “SPY x FAMILY,” will be in charge of production.

Along with releasing this information, a teaser visual featuring Haruka Sakura has also been released. The teaser site has also opened, so check it out.

In addition to follow-up news about the TV anime “WINDBREAKER,” please pay attention to future information lifting!

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