‘Sousou no Frieren’ decided to be animated, a famous work with a cumulative circulation of over 7.2 million copies.

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The long-awaited animation of the manga “Sousou no Frieren” by Shoto Yamada (written by) and Abetsukasa (illustrated), which is being serialized in “Weekly Shonen Sunday” (Shogakukan), has been decided.

The comic has exceeded 7.2 million copies in total, with the release of the latest 9th volume on September 15th (Thursday). And in 2021, he won the “Manga Award 2021” grand prize and the “25th Tezuka Osamu Cultural Award” New Generation Award, creating a sensation among manga fans.

After a 10-year adventure with the heroes Himmel, the magician Freelen defeated the demon king and brought peace to the world. She is an elf who has lived for more than a thousand years. She promises to meet Himmel and others again and sets out on a journey alone.

Fifty years later, Freelen visits Himmel, but she is the same as she was fifty years ago. And Himmel has grown old, and her life is short.

After that, she witnessed her dying Himmel and felt that she had not “known people” until now. So go on a journey to find out.

On that journey, various encounters with various people and various events were waiting.

A book that has won many readers with a story that interweaves characters such as drama and lines that pierce the heart, battles with magic and swords, and humor that makes you laugh unintentionally, unfolding in a novel time series “after the demon king subjugation.” made.

It is attracting attention as a new masterpiece created by “Weekly Shonen Sunday” represented by “Detective Conan,” and the animation has been long-awaited by readers and manga fans.

And finally, it will be an anime, and Free Len will depart.

The visual has also been released along with the announcement of the animation decision. The graphic depicts the main character, Freelen, holding a cane while looking at something with the shining moon in the background. The mysterious figure of Freelen, illuminated by beautiful moonlight and purplish light, is an impressive visual.

Other information, such as the production studio, staff, and cast, will be announced later.

I want you to look forward to what kind of magic the anime “Sousou no Frieren” will show fans and viewers.

Original author’s comment

Thanks to all the readers and the artist Abetsukasa-sensei, I made it into an anime.

Much obliged. I’m amazed by the enthusiasm of the production team,
listening to stories at the anime production site and sending setting pictures every time. I am also very happy that you are thinking about various things about the free lane. I’m looking forward to the free len who moves in anime. Encouraged by this, I will do my best to create better work! ―Kanehito Yamada (Original)

Funeral Free Len will be an anime! It’s like a dream.
Thank you very much to all the readers who always support me.
And thanks to Mr. Yamada, the original author, and everyone involved in this work.

I am excitedly waiting for them to start moving.
Thank you very much. Fun!
Abetsukasa (drawing)

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