Yoshinori Kobayashi’s original ‘Obocchama-Kun’ is booming in India! The person in charge of TV, Asahi, analyzed that ‘the style with too much momentum is synchronized.’

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This story is a daily drama turbulent in the splendor of Gobo Chama, the head of the 999th generation of the Gobo family.

The gag anime “Obocchama-Kun” (TV Asahi), broadcast from 1989 to 1992, started with this word from the opening.

Yoshinori Kobayashi’s original manga, serialized in “Monthly CoroCoro Comic” (Shogakukan), sold about 6.3 million copies. The anime also recorded a high audience rating that overwhelmed other programs in the same time zone.

The 999th head of the super-dreadnought “Gobo Zaibatsu” and the “Chamago” such as “Tomodachinko!” It became a phenomenon.

Even in recent years, in “Wednesday’s Downtown” (TBS series), the character “Obocchama-Kun” (commonly known as “Obocchama-Kun”) wears only the front of his body for a day without getting caught. It is a work that many people will remember, such as the broadcast of a plan to spend time and that actor Tatsuya Fujiwara confessed that he was reading “Obocchama-Kun” on a TV program.

This magazine caught unexpected information about this work.

“The anime” Obocchama-Kun “is being broadcast in India and is gaining popularity.” (Animation official)

India boasts a population of about 1.4 billion and is said to overtake China, which has the largest population in the world, shortly. The country, where various religions, languages, and ethnic groups, including Hinduism, coexist, forms an entirely different culture from Japan.

Nevertheless, why is “Obocchama-Kun” so popular? At the broadcasting station at that time, when I applied for coverage on TV Asahi, which has the animation copyright, it was approved for “broadcasting in India” and responded to the range.

What was the reason for the broadcast of “Obocchama-Kun” in India?

“Japanese animation is also trendy in India. TV Asahi has licensed many works such as” Obocchama-Kun, “Doraemon, “and” Crayon Shin-chan “to the local media in India.”

Please tell us the response from India.

“It has been dubbed into Hindu, Tamil, and Terig and is being broadcast all over India, and there is a huge response and boom! According to the person in charge of the Indian broadcasting station, Obocha Ma-Kun’s” uniqueness “And” “Gakuen Mono,” a setting that is familiar to children, is said to be popular locally. “

How does TV Asahi perceive its popularity?

“India is a very vigorous country with a population of 1.4 billion and 400 million children alone. In the 1980s and 1990s, when the animation of” Obochama-Kun “was broadcast, Japan also had a lot of momentum. “I think that the” vigorous (too much) style “was synchronized with the momentum of the country of India and played in good shape.”

Do you think about international expansion in the future?

“I haven’t revealed the details yet, but I’m planning to do something new in India, which is booming. And, taking advantage of this boom in India, I will extend Obocchama-Kun to areas other than India. I’m thinking of spreading it. “

It may become popular in other countries in the future.

Yoshinori Kobayashi, the original author and serializing “Yoshinori Tsuji Seiho” in “Weekly FLASH,” said, “It’s so strange and surprising that” Obocchama-Kun “is very popular in India, where the population of children is overwhelmingly large. I’m happy. Will my soul be passed on to India in the future? It will be a powerful country. “

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