Studio Ghibli: What is the most memorable catchphrase for the feature-length theater work?

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“Studio Ghibli” is one of Japan’s leading animation production studios, which has produced many masterpiece animation movies and produced works that are deeply engraved in people’s hearts. Every time such a Ghibli work is released to the theater, an impressive catchphrase is set.

Copywriter Shigesato Itoi and producer Toshio Suzuki are familiar with Ghibli’s works. However, many of the catchphrases are just famous phrases that touch your heart. So this time, we will introduce seven results from the slogan of Studio Ghibli’s feature-length theatrical animation work. What is your memorable catchphrase?

● “One day, a girl fell from the sky.” (Laputa, the castle in the sky)
A catchphrase of “Castle in the Sky” shows the scene where Theta descends from the sky to Pazu with the power of flying stones. It’s a phrase that truly marks the beginning of everything in this work and is exciting and promising for the epic adventures of Pazu and Sheeta.

● “This strange kimono is still in Japan. Maybe.” (My Neighbor Totoro)

A catchphrase of “My Neighbor Totoro” that expresses Totoro as “a strange kimono.” Mysterious creatures that children can only see make our dream that they may be in reality.

● “I thought I would live at the ages of 4 and 14” (Tomb of Firefly)
A catchphrase of “The Grave of Firefly” depicting the sad experience of a brother and sister against the backdrop of the Pacific War. The ages of 4 and 14 are the ages of Setsuko and Seita, the younger sisters of the main characters, Seita. They show how the younger brothers and sisters desperately supported each other to live, even though they were treated coldly during the war.

● “I’ve been sick, but I’m fine.” (Witch’s Takkyubin)
A catchphrase of “Witch’s Takkyubin” expresses how the witch Kiki grows up while experiencing various experiences in the city she visited, in the form of a letter addressed to her parents. The atmosphere with hiragana seems to show Kiki doing her best in a strange town while still being young.

● “Even raccoon dogs are doing their best” (Heisei Tanuki Battle Pom Poko)
A catchphrase of “Heisei Tanuki Battle Pom Poko” makes the expressions of Masakichi and Pom Poko screaming like that come to mind. When the development of the residential area erodes the forest where the raccoon dogs live, they change their hands and products by chemistry and resist humans, the relationship between the raccoon dogs, the hardships, etc. It expresses the struggle of.

● “I have a favorite person.” (Listen)

A catchphrase of “Whisper of the Heart” straightforwardly expresses the pure love of the main character, Shizuku, and the loved one, Seiji. It is a copy that you can feel the freshness of Shizuku and Seiji, who are about 14 years old and swaying, nurturing love with occasional fantasy elements.

● “Live.” (Princess Mononoke)
A catchphrase of “Princess Mononoke” that many copy plans were decided after the death. This word is also a word from Ashitaka, who wishes for the coexistence of the forest and people, Sun, raised by the Inugami in the woods. Although it is effortless, it is a message to the forest where God lives and all the living beings of each human being, and it can be said that it is a word that covers the whole story. So far, we have introduced seven catchphrases for Studio Ghibli feature films. What is the most memorable catchphrase for you?

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