You are explaining the anime ‘Tokyo Revengers’ Angry! What is your relationship with smileys?

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The anime “Tokyo Revengers” is an anime work based on the manga “Tokyo Revengers” by Ken Wakui, serialized in “Weekly Shonen Magazine”. Twenty-four episodes were broadcast from April to September 2021, and episodes 1 to 73 of the original were drawn. The original is a famous work with a cumulative circulation of over 50 million copies, and animation and live-action movies have also become a big topic.

Soya Kawada (Angry), who appears in such an anime as “Tokyo Revengers”, is the Tokyo Revengers corps deputy captain. The squadron captain is Nahoya Kawada (Smiley), the twin brother of Angry, so he is in charge of the squadron as a brother.

Smiley is fluffy orange hair, while Angry is soft blue hair. Smiley with a laughing face and Angry with an angry face always look exactly like that, but they have the opposite atmosphere.

Angry has few appearance scenes in the anime, but it will be a character that is expected to play an active role in combination with Smiley in the future. In this article, let’s talk about Angry’s birthday, profile, smiley distinguishing points, and more.

What is the anime “Tokyo Revengers” in which Angry appears?
The main character, Takemichi Hanagaki (Takemichi Hanagaki), is a part-time worker who lives a profound life. One day, in the news that I happened to see, his lover, Hinata Tachibana (Tachibana he is Hinata / Hina), died in the conflict of the criminal organization Tokyo Revengers in junior high school. Know. After that, Takemichi, who was pushed down from the platform of the station by someone, developed the ability to time leap just before being run over by a train. Knowing that stopping the Tokyo Revengers’ deterioration is the only way to save chicks, Takemichi approaches the past Tokyo Revengers.

Takemichi’s struggled to get revenge for his life, which he had been losing, by repeating type leap many times to save his loved one. And the friendship and powerful action scenes of the Yankees centred on the members of Tokyo Revengers are the highlights of the anime “Tokyo Revengers”. How will the future change by doing a time leap and changing the past? What will happen to the future of chicks and Tokyo Revengers that have not been saved at the moment? Keep an eye on the development centred on past modifications, also called “Time Leap Suspense”, on the official website.

Basic information on the anime “Tokyo Revengers” Angry! Introducing profiles such as birthdays
Sore appearing in the anime “Tokyo Revengers” will appear as the deputy captain of the Tokyo Revengers. He is also Smiley’s twin brother, the captain of the squadron. His real name is Soya Kawada, but he is called “Angry” because he always has an angry face. On the contrary, he and his brother, who is always smiling and called “Smiley”, are nicknamed “Meguro’s Twin Devil”.

At the beginning of the animation, Tokyo Revengers is an organization that even has a second squad. Still, the president Manjiro Sano (Mikey), the deputy president Ken Ryuguji (Draken), and the Ichibantai ~ The founding members such as Keisuke Baji, Takashi Mitsuya, and Haruki Hayashida are the captains of the squadron. The Smiley Angry brothers, who are entrusted with the subsequent corps, are considered members who are trusted that much.

When Takemichi participated in the Tokyo Revengers rally for the first time in the fifth episode of the anime, Angry, who was lined up as the deputy captain of the corps, can be seen glancing, but the scene of the first appearance that appeared correctly is the ninth. It is a scene of the 8/3 conflict drawn in the story. Draken was attacked by the hostile Aimi lord (Mobius), Takemichi, Mitsuya, Mikey and others who helped it. The members of Tokyo Revengers also rushed there, and Angry was among them. Angry also growls behind the smiley captain class enthusiastically, saying, “When did you die !?” This scene became a hot topic among Angry fans who watched the broadcast, as Angry was not drawn in the original.

Angry has few appearances in the early stages, even in the original, so there are few opportunities to appear in the anime. It has not been explained in the character book yet. Since he is a twin with Smiley, his birthday and age are the same, and it seems that he has only twins and is set in Gemini.

Angry basic information
In the anime, Angry appeared in the conflict scenes such as episodes 5, 9, and 19, but there was no voice actor because there was no dialogue. There is a lot of speculation on the internet about who will play Angry in the future. There seems to be a voice saying, “Isn’t it played by Kengo Kawanishi, who is a twin and plays Smiley?”

Is the anime “Tokyo Revengers” Angry strong?
The captain class of Tokyo Revengers is powerful. Captain Smiley and his twin brother Angry, who is also the deputy captain, are sure to have the ability to fight. Before joining the Tokyo Revengers, the two of them formed a team called “Sugoku”, and it seems that they are still feared as “Meguro’s Twin Devil”.

However, according to the rating by the members of Tokyo Revengers in the fan book, Angry was selected as the worst second place in the arm wrestling category. It seems that the members are not recognized as having much strength. Also, in the fast-paced category, Smiley is second only to Mikey, while Angry is the worst. There may be some differences in the movements of the twins when viewed from the surroundings.

Angry has an impressive angry face, but he also shows kindness to his friends. In the 19th episode, Bloody Halloween, there was a scene to help the members of Tokyo Revengers who were about to be killed in the melee from the side. Even in such a case, it is interesting that it is Angry-like to thumbs up with an angry face.

Anime “Tokyo Revengers” Angry and Smiley are similar !?
Smiley and Angry have only twins and look the same. The key to distinguishing is the hair colour and facial expression, and Angry always looks angry with blue hair against Smiley, who is laughing even when fighting with orange hair. Differences in appearance can be distinguished by complexion and facial expression, but personality differences are not mentioned in the anime, so future development is expected.

In terms of fashion, they often wear matching clothes, and the fact that their jackets are in different colours can be said to be fashionable only for twins. Silver earrings are also available, with Smiley on the left ear and Angry on the right ear. It may be said that twins have two on each ear.

Summary of the anime “Tokyo Revengers” Angry
Angry from the anime “Tokyo Revengers” will appear as the deputy captain of the Tokyo Revengers. The captain is Smiley, his twin brother. Smileys with always smiling faces and angry faces are unique twins who are similar but always have the opposite facial expressions.

Blue hair is a trademark Angry, but there are few animations, and there are no lines in the broadcast up to 24 episodes. He is one of the characters who is expected to play an active role with Smiley in the future, so let’s look forward to his appearance!

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