You can make it for now! Three reasons to watch Licorice Recoil

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Summer 2022 anime that is starting to be broadcast one after another. Have you found your favorite work yet?

For those who want to watch an exciting anime, I recommend Licorice Recoil (abbreviation: LicoRico). It is an original work directed by Shingo Adachi, known for character designs such as “Sword Art Online.”

This time, we will introduce three reasons why you want to see such “Ricoriko”! The main story is also available on various video distribution services so you can check it out in time.

Daily life full of gaps is interesting!
The first point I would like to recommend is the many gaps in work. Before and after viewing, your impression of the world and the characters should change completely.

The main characters in Rico Rico are teenage girls. She is about the age of a high school girl, and her appearance in her school uniform reminds me of a character in a heartwarming school anime.

However, their occupations are agents of the secret organization DA (Direct Attack), Licorice. To prevent crimes, they are responsible for disposing of criminals without anyone noticing.

Licorice walks around the city in cute uniforms, but this is for camouflage. The school bag is packed with guns and bullets and is armed to fight anytime.

A word that symbolizes this work is the line in the second episode, “The more, the merrier,” saying, “JK’s uniform is a camouflage uniform for the city.” It’s hard to be cautious, and it’s a perfect outfit to get close to enemies.

There are also disturbing depictions of the collapsed radio tower, which has become a symbol of peace, and terrorists acting behind the scenes. Please pay attention to the daily life full of gaps of Licorice living in such a world.

The relationships between the characters are emo!
“Ricoriko” has attractive human relationships, including the main character, Senzoku Nishiki (CV: Chika Anzai), and her partner Takina Inoue (CV: Shion Wakayama). Senzoku and Takina didn’t get along well from the beginning, but the distance between them grows closer as they work.

In the first place, the two are opposites in terms of personality and work stance. Senzoku, an optimist, is one of the most powerful Lycoris, but he tries to complete his mission without killing a single enemy. He used to belong to DA, but now he seems to keep his distance. While working at Cafe Rico Rico, he strives to help people.

On the other hand, Takina emphasizes efficiency. She is an accurate marksman and shoots through her enemies without mercy. Such a personality is a disaster, and Takina is ordered to leave the DA and become a partner with Senzoku.

Episode 3, “More haste, less speed,” is an episode in which the relationship between the two has dramatically progressed. Senzoku gently speaks to Taking, who is desperate to return to DA. Be sure to check out the words and gestures unique to Senzoku that unleashed Takina’s, closed heart.

Action scenes are fantastic!
The excellent gun action is one of the charms of “Ricorico.” The figure of Licorice fighting with physical ability that puts adults to shame is fantastic anyway.

Senzoku, who usually smiles, has a severe expression during action scenes. Without moving his eyebrows, he puts his finger on the trigger in a natural motion. You can sometimes show the leeway to talk to the enemy while dodging bullets at point-blank range. You can’t take your eyes off the dynamic camera work and the slow and slow animation.

Also, in the 4th episode, “Nothing seek, nothing find,” you will be surprised at Takina’s agile movements while playing VR games. Please pay attention to the shocking truth that she revealed.

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