The latest 19 volumes of ‘Jujutsu Kaisen’ are on sale. The special edition with the curse is also ranked in the upper and lower volumes of ‘Tacopies’ Original Sin.’

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On April 12, Tohan’s weekly bestseller was announced, and “Jujutsu Kaisen 19” won first place in the comics.

The second place is “ONE PIECE 102”. The third place was “SPY x FAMILY 9”.

“Gokumon Satoru with Satoru Gojo Sealed” and other bundled goods list

The first place is the latest 19 volumes of the popular manga “Jujutsu Kaisen”. This is the first new issue in about four months since the 18th volume was released in December. In addition to the big hit of the movie version animation “Theatrical Version Magical Round 0” released in December last year, the cumulative circulation has exceeded 65 million with 19 volumes. The “curse” that appears in the film is a unique item that is the key to the story. A 19-volume special edition that includes “5 items” and “13 site photos” that are made into goods such as the curse is also on sale at the same time.

3rd place “SPY x FAMILY” is an action-comedy in which spies, hitmen, and supernatural powers who have secrets with each other become a family and confront various troubles. The serialization began in 2019 on the web manga site “Shonen Jump +” of “Weekly Shonen Jump” and became a big hit. Broadcasting of the TV anime version began in April of this year on TV Tokyo series and others.

Attention was paid to the 4th and 9th places, and the upper and lower volumes of “Tacopies’ Original Sin” ranked 4th and 9th. Like “SPY x FAMILY”, it is a complete work serialized for about three and a half months in “Shonen Jump +”. Suspense development that invites readers’ consideration due to extremes such as bullying, neglect, murder and time leap continued, and it became a big topic on SNS during the serialization.

  1. “Magic Round 19” Gege Akutami

A tiger cane and Fushiguro aimed at the swimmer, Hiromi Nissha, who has 100 points, added a that will be a hole in the death migration. However, when they enter the first barrier in Tokyo, they are scattered. Going to Nissha with their cooperation, but ── !? (From the Shueisha website)

  1. “ONE PIECE 102” Eiichiro Oda
    Luffy, who has achieved a resurrection, confronts Kaido again! Where is the battle between the two men welcoming Mt. Tenno? On the other hand, the time has come for the friends who continue to fight fiercely with the executives in various places. Wano Kuni Hen Super-Kaikai !! Marine adventure romance over “one-piece treasure” !! (From Shueisha website)
  2. “SPY x FAMILY 9” Tatsuya Endo

The battle between Yoru vs the assassin group is about to end … !! On the other hand, a bomb was set on the luxury liner──! Lloyd and Anya, who sensed the crisis, will do their best, but …!? (From the Shueisha website)

  1. “Under the original sin of Tacopy” Taizan 5
  2. “Dragon Ball Super 18” Akira Toriyama [Original] Toyotarou
  3. “Black Clover 32” Yuki Tabata
  4. “I entered the devil! Irima-kun Vol. 26 “Osamu Nishi
  5. “Kinnikuman 78” Boiled egg
  6. “Original sin of Tacopy” Taizan 5
  7. “Monster Incident 16” Sho Aimoto
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