‘Yuru Camp △’ Calling attention to fake information damage on SNS Impersonation of staff and unauthorized use of illustrations.

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On the 6th, on the official website of the TV anime “Yuru Camp,” we reported that we had confirmed cases related to impersonation and unofficial illustrations that talked about the staff, along with a warning.

This is accurate information! The announcement illustration site for the 3rd season of “Yurucamp” has the following  message: “Impersonation accounts, unofficial illustrations, and unauthorized use of official illustrations.” We have confirmed an incident related to the illustration, so this is a warning notice.”

Expressly, “We have confirmed fake accounts pretending to be Yuru Camp △ staff on SNS.” “The company’s staff, who posts under the name of the company’s staff, invite fans to tours and year-end parties.”

“Spreading false information about the 3rd period (information about the 3rd period is not officially announced) In any case of distributing unofficial colored paper, illustrations, etc., “C-Station,” I have nothing to do with the company, the Yuru Camp △ production committee, or any of the individuals belonging to them.”

“Information sent from such fake accounts is not only completely false and causes great confusion among fans, but also skillfully acquires personal information from fans and misuses it for fraudulent activities.

Even the Yuru Camp △ production committee cannot overlook such a situation, and as soon as it is discovered, the production committee will take appropriate measures. Therefore, please be very careful about the existence of these fake accounts.”

In addition, regarding “illegal use of unofficial illustrations and official illustrations,” “Currently, many illustrations and work panels that are not officially licensed are created, released on SNS and the Internet, and displayed at physical stores. As a result, unauthorized use has been confirmed.”

Please refrain from illegal use such as setting up life-size character panels that are not officially licensed, exhibiting illustrations, etc., especially at character goods shops, restaurants, souvenir shops, etc.”

The work depicts the charm of camping and the peaceful daily lives of high school girls, including the main character, Rin Shima, who enjoys camping. Based on a comic currently being serialized in Manga Time Kirara Forward, it was adapted into an anime, sparking a camping boom. It was also made into a live-action drama. The production of the third season of TV animation has been decided.

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