The novel ‘Hikikomari Vampire Princess Agony’ is to be Adapted into TV Animation Featuring Tomori Kusunoki, Sayumi Suzushiro, and Yoko Hikasa PV Revealed.

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It has been decided that the novel “Hikikomari Vampire Princess’s Agony” will be made into a TV anime in 2023. At the same time, the teaser PV, staff, and cast information have been released. Tomori Kusunoki will play the main character Terakomari Gundesblad, Sayumi Suzushiro will play Vilhaze, and Yoko Hikasa will play Karen Elvesias.

The heroine is cute! The released animation video “Hikikomari Vampire Princess’s Agony” is a work that has been published in up to 9 volumes by GA Bunko. When Terakomari, also known as “Komari,” a professional shut-in girl who never leaves her room, wakes up, she finds out that the empire’s general has beaten her.

Furthermore, Komari leads a bloody and rough army where gekokujo is rampant. Despite being born into a family of prestigious vampires, Komari has all the triple threats of “no motor nerves,” “small stature,” and “can’t use magic” because she doesn’t like blood.

If you find out you are weak to your subordinates, will you immediately be demoted? It! A comical fantasy depicting Komari, who relies on the bluff and good luck to advance with her maid Ville.

Original: Kobayashi Kobayashi Character draft :
Director: Tatsuma Minamikawa
Series composition: Keiichiro Ochi
Character design
: Tomoyuki Shimotani
Music: Go Shiina
Animation production: project No.9 Tomori Villehaze: Sayumi Suzushiro Karen Elvesias: Yoko Hikasa

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