The anime “Shenmue the Animation” based on “Shenmue” will be broadcast on TV from May 3rd.

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It was announced that the animation ” Shen me the Animation ” will start broadcasting on TOKYO MX every Tuesday from 19:00 on May 3rd (Tuesday).

This work is an anime work based on the story of ” Shenmue Chapter 1 Yokosuka ” and ” Shenmue II” from  Sega’s action-adventure game ” Shenmue ” series. A magnificent tale is unfolded around the main character “Ryo Batsuki” (CV: Masaya Matsukaze ), and her nemesis “Aitei” (CV: Takahiro Sakurai ).

From April 7th (Thursday), distribution has started on each site, such as ABEMA, Amazon Prime Video, and d Anime Store. The second episode has already been released, and the third episode is scheduled to be delivered sequentially from 12:00 on Thursday, April 21st. No announcement has been made regarding terrestrial broadcasting so far, and it has been revealed that it will be on air for the first time on terrestrial broadcasting.

Also, from 18:00 on April 29th (Friday), a distribution event related to the ” Shenmue x Yokosuka Animation Commemorative Project ” will be held in Yokosuka. The stage of the work will be held on the official YouTube channel of IGN Japan.

It will be a talk event where Masaya Matsukaze, who plays the leading role in the animation, Yu Jyozono, the chief producer, and Yu Suzuki, the director of the original game ” Shenmue ” series, will gather. IGN Japan’s game writer Clave Esra will be the MC. He seems to be in charge.

” Shen mue the Animation ” will be broadcast on TOKYO MX from May 3rd (Tuesday). I want to expect the future development of this work that finally made its terrestrial debut.

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