‘Zombie Land Saga’ Local license plate 3rd From August, Takeo, Ogi, Kanzaki, and Shiroishi will be issued to 10 municipalities.

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It was decided that the 3rd local license plate of the original TV animation “Zombie Land Saga” set in Saga Prefecture will be issued in the four municipalities of Takeo, Ogi, Kanzaki, and Shiroishi in August, and the design has also been announced.

The production committee plans to expand to all 20 municipalities in the prefecture gradually, and together with the six cities that have already been issued, the number of municipalities to be issued will expand to 10 this time.

The design is a deformed depiction of the idol group Franchouchou enjoying each city and town’s famous places and special products. They promote each region in a harmonious atmosphere by taking commemorative photos in front of the Romon Gate of Takeo Onsen and tasting Kanzaki somen noodles. Ogi City designed Shimizu Waterfall and carp, and Shiroishi Town created Nuinoike. Targets are those who have registered mini bikes (one type of moped, white license plates) with a displacement of 50cc or less, which have stationary stations in each municipality. You can choose from a regular number plate, with Takeo, Ogi, and Kanzaki limited to 200 and Shiroishi-cho limited to 150. In both cases, the start of issuance is scheduled for August 7, and the tax department of each municipality will be the window.

The local license plate of “Zombie Land Saga” will be issued in Saga, Karatsu, and Imari, the first in October 2021. The second will include Tosu, Kashima, and Ureshino in December of the same year. Spread to six cities.

The anime is about girls who have been revived as zombies and play an active role as idols to save Saga. It was broadcast in 2018 and gained popularity, and in 21, the sequel “Zombie Land Saga Revenge” was broadcast. In October of the same year, a movie adaptation was announced at the voice actors’ live event at Makuhari Messe (Chiba Prefecture).

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