4 Toei Animation works, to new broadcast from 16th Die’s Adventure, Digimon, Pretty Cure, One Piece is the latest stories for the first time in a month

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It was announced that the latest episodes of four animations produced by Toei Animation, which had been affected by unauthorized access by a third party and impacted the broadcast schedule, will be broadcast sequentially from the 16th.

In this turmoil, Toei Animation confirmed that the company’s network was illegally accessed by a third party on March 11th and 6th and stopped part of the in-house system, thereby broadcasting the animation work produced by the company. It was announced that the schedule would be affected.

The four works that had an impact were “Dragon Quest Die no Daibouken,” “Delicious Party ▽ (= Heart) Precure,” “Digimon Ghost Game,” and “ONE PIECE” (One Piece), and each anime was rebroadcast or special edition. I was switching to broadcasting such as.

The official Twitter account for “Digimon” announced that it will be able to resume broadcasting the new episode from April 17 and will publish the 22nd episode of the latest episode from the 17th. “Dai no Daibouken” will be able to resume broadcasting “Dragon Quest Dai no Daibouken” from Saturday, April 16. We will broadcast Episode 73, “Hope in the Flame”. On Saturday, April 9, we will send you the 72nd episode, “The Final Blow”. “

“Pretty Cure” will also be able to resume broadcasting the new “Delicious Party ▽ Precure” (after episode 6) from April 17 (Sun), and “One Piece” will also be “new from April 17 (Sun).” [New] Episode 1014 “Tears of Marco! The Bonds of the Whitebeard Pirates”.

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