The latest episode of the anime series ‘Monchhichis’ Episodes 7-10 Japan’s first broadcast on Cartoon Network

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Turner Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo), which operates the anime channel “Cartoon Network,” will broadcast episodes 7 to 10 of the latest episode of the anime series “Monchhichis,” which started posting in July 2021. It will be published for the first time in Japan on Saturday, July 17, and Sunday, July 18.

In the latest episode, Episode 7, “Tea for Sylvath,” the respected elder Sylvath is put into a cold prison in the castle of Aiko, who plans to rule Monchhichi and gets a cold. I’m having trouble with the tree—the story of Hanae, Kauri, and Willow heading to Aiko’s castle to help Sylvath.

To commemorate the broadcast, a gift campaign is being held on the Cartoon Network official website, where 30 people will win a limited edition Monchhichi plush toy in collaboration with Cartoon Network.

Sekiguchi Co., Ltd., in 1974, released Monchhichi. It has a stuffed body and a soft vinyl doll on its face and limbs. Immediately after its release, it became an explosive boom, became popular in Europe and Asian countries, and is still popular worldwide.

The anime series “Monchhichi” is a 3DCG animation produced in France and becoming a hot topic in various parts of Europe. A story about Willow, Hanae, and Kauri’s Monchich trio protecting their precious children’s dreams from mischief. Yuka Iguchi, Tetsuya Kakihara, KENN, and Toshiyuki Morikawa are in charge of dubbing the Japanese version.

Episode 7 Tea for Sylvath

Sylvan catches a cold, and the dream tree gets worse with it. Sylvan goes to pick Timomir himself but is kidnapped by Blitz and Glitz passing by. Sylvan is put in the cold prison of Aiko’s castle and makes him catch a cold. At that time, the village was having trouble with the fruits turning black and falling!

Episode 8 Hisohiso Tree
Today is the day of the “Friendship Gathering” where we give presents to each other’s friends. Before attending the gathering, Hanae Kauri Willow was playing in Montiran. When Monchiran gets caught in the “Hisohiso Tree,” Hanae climbs the tree without hearing Willow’s advice to stop touching it. Then the flowers flew from the tree and scattered everyone’s secrets in the open space where the gathering was held.

Episode 9 Save Bella!

Polina sends Bella and Petunia to pick up the material Chitchirop seeds to make her dream elixir. Aiko and his friends pass by the two animals collecting seeds and come up with a strategy to take Bella as a hostage and steal the dream fruit from Monchhichi and others. Bella wasn’t lucky enough to be caught, but she was trapped in a hole in the ground.

Episode 10 Looking for Memory

The bananas dropped by Hanae and others playing tag hit their heads, and Sylvath loses his memory. As a result, the dream tree also gets sick. Hanae and Reefy try to restore their memory with their own hands.

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