Keanu Reeves Will Reportedly Lead Justice League Dark Movie As Constantine

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Back in the prior day’s Warner Bros. set up the DCEU to give their superhuman properties a bound together imaginative course and union, the studio would greenlight for all intents and purposes any character that could make them cash, with the blended outcomes giving us both the Dark Knight Trilogy and famous failures to fire like Green Lantern and Jonah Hex.

There were likewise a few films that never figured out how to get away from improvement heck, with George Miller’s surrendered Justice League Mortal maybe the most renowned, yet their mysterious based alternate extremes were additionally the subject of a bombed endeavor to make it to the big screen. Guillermo del Toro was initially joined to Justice League Dark in 2012 preceding, in the end, withdrawing four years after the fact, while substitution Doug Liman was ready for not exactly a year prior to he excessively left, leaving the task with a questionable future.

Nonetheless, we’ve presently gotten notification from our sources – similar ones who said a Green Lantern show is coming to HBO Max and a Swamp Thing film is in progress (which Bloody Disgusting has affirmed) – that not exclusively is Justice League Dark back on the table, yet Warner Bros. need Keanu Reeves to lead the group by repeating his job as Constantine.

While nothing is unchangeable at this time, this makes sense on a great deal of levels. Both Marvel and DC are frantic to get Reeves in one of their comic book flicks, and Warner Bros. may have the advantage in protecting his administrations with a Constantine continuation as of late answered to be in progress. The John Wick star has likewise conceded that he’d love to play the character once more, and having a gigantic name like Reeves driving Justice League Dark would in a split second produce huge amounts of enthusiasm for the film, just as making the chance of propelling another independent Constantine establishment simultaneously.

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