Choco Entertainment, next-generation K-pop team ‘Choco 1’ held a private preview

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Choco Entertainment, founded by PD Cho (Jo Jung-hoon), announced on the 22nd that it held a private preview of ‘Choco’ exclusively for partners in a space in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

Domestic deacon and unicorn companies that are cooperating with Choco, as well as overseas big tech companies, participated and showed great interest.

This event shared the introduction of ‘Choco 1’, a project that had been planned for the past four years as an external secret, and the contents of future plans and prospects.

‘Choco 1’, which is being planned by Choco Entertainment, is a K-pop team debuting in the United States. The training process and debut preparations of the ‘Choco 1’ members selected based on differentiated criteria were introduced.

According to Choco, one attendee said, “The situation in which large agencies such as Hive are solidifying the level gap with small and medium-sized agencies is surprising.

At the site, the top VC representatives in Korea also stood out, and positive evaluations were given, such as the high expectations for K-pop in the future due to their meticulous preparation and planning skills.

Choco is actively promoting the launch of a global group, such as co-producing K-POP reality in cooperation with Star TV producer Jojo Rider of Warner Bros., who saw the potential of ‘Choco 1’. In addition, it strengthened its production capabilities by acquiring a production company that directed various programs on Mnet and other programs and a company specializing in visual special effects (VFX).

The subsidiary of the VFX division recently contributed to high-quality action scenes by consulting on the comeback stage with ‘Avatar’, a representative domestic agency, and conducting full-free visual production of the Netflix movie ‘Carter’.

The movie ‘Carter’ is currently competing for 1st and 2nd place on Netflix along with ‘Dayshift’, the latest work of ‘Jamie Fox’ who appeared in Choco’s reality.

A subsidiary of the program production division is producing audition programs in partnership with a local broadcasting station in the Philippines and is also conducting business in the Asian market as well as the US.

Choco’s music production team is also active. Currently, he is in charge of producing signboard groups for Korea’s largest entertainment companies and is producing several results simultaneously, such as entering the top 50 on the ‘Billboard 200’ and selling more than 2 million copies.

An official from Choco emphasized, “All ongoing projects will eventually be focused on the competency for Choco’s own brand.

Meanwhile, after graduating from Seoul National University’s business department, Choco recruited Lee Jae-young, who worked at Lehman Brothers, Nomura Securities New York branch, and Barclays Capital Hong Kong branch, as CFO after completing the MIT Sloan MBA course. It is expected to play a major role in strengthening the capabilities of overseas businesses.

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