DKZ, the final winner of Mnet’s ‘Road to Mama Awards’ ‘It’s an honor to even win thanks to the fans’

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Mnet Plus is a communication platform that provides opportunities to expand the K-pop content experience for global users as the influence of K-pop develops worldwide. It supports four languages, including Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese, and is designed to allow users to create and enjoy content IP together and experience K-pop culture and lifestyle. And has already gathered 5 million global subscribers.

‘ROAD TO MAX,’ operated by Mnet Plus, is based on the concept of ‘I put my favorite artists on stage myself.’ It provides an opportunity to stand on the Countdown, KCON, and MAMA stages.

The Road to Mama Awards is the final episode of Mnet Plus’s ‘ROAD TO MAX’ series of fan+Interactive content that creates opportunities for artists to go on stage through global fans’ recommendations and votes. . The artist who wins the stage series will be on stage at ‘M Countdown’ and ‘KCON.’

The artists’ Secret Number (September, KCON 2022 SAUDI ARABIA)’ and ‘DKZ (October, KCON 2022 JAPAN)’, the winning artists of the ‘ROAD TO KCON’ held over the past two times, each appeared on the KCON particular stage and performed the long-awaited’ They have been competing with each other to receive the Road to Mama Awards seed ticket to serve on the ‘2022 MAMA AWARDS’ stage.

DKZ was selected as the final winner by communicating with global fans and receiving strong support from the Road to Max community through active activities through the publication of various exclusive content such as real-time live, M POLL, and behind-the-scenes videos.

DKZ, a powerful and dynamic K-pop boy group, is showing a terrifying rise with its 6th single album ‘CHASE EPISODE 2. MAUM’, released in April, exceeded 100,000 copies in the first week.

Along with this, after winning ‘ROAD TO MCOUNTDOWN’ and ‘ROAD TO KCON,’ they will also be on the third stage by winning the final ‘ROAD TO MAMA AWARDS.’

Ahead of the ‘2022 MAMA AWARDS’ stage, DKZ said, “When I participated in Mnet Plus Road to Max this year, I didn’t know that the vaguely hoped victory would come true. But, thanks to the fans who voted hard every day, it is an honor even to win the championship.”

Meanwhile, CJ ENM is rebranding ‘Mnet ASIAN MUSIC AWARDS’ to ‘MAMA AWARDS’ in line with changes in the global music market, such as the expansion of K-POP’s influence from Asia to the worldwide market. ‘2022 MAMA AWARDS’, which will be held for the first time after rebranding, will be held at ‘Kyocera Dome Osaka’ in Japan for two days from November 29 to 30 and will be broadcast live online worldwide.

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