TNX, 7-week mission with fans as ‘K-Pop Maker’ First fan meeting successfully held

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The group TNX completed the fan meeting based on the 7-week mission.

On the afternoon of the 10th, TNX held a fan meeting through Mnet Plus’ K-Pop Maker’.

TNX personally planned a fan meeting with Makers for seven weeks. While the final results were confirmed by the votes of the makers, from the theme of the fan meeting to the representative stage, fan service, and the opening time of the fan meeting, TNX announced the start of the day by unveiling the ‘Catch Me If You Can’ theme.

With the concept of boarding an airplane, TNX, who appeared wearing an airline uniform, showed off a strong performance with the representative song ‘Move,’ and Makers also prepared airport fashion, which is the dress code, adding meaning to being together.

There was also a Q&A time to dig up the makers’ questions. Hyunsoo picked Taehoon as the member to take to the deserted island and made everyone laugh by saying, “The only member who can catch bugs.” Junhyuk added warmth by praising Hyunsoo as the member he would like to date if the member was a woman and complimenting him, “He’s a bit tsundere.

Next, Eunhwi created a signal pose that only each other could know when meeting fans on the street. Then, Kyung-jun attracted attention by suggesting a ‘tail piece’ as a new photo pose to succeed the ‘Kyung-jun piece.’

In the game, ‘wearing a hanbok skirt and blowing out the candles’ was performed as the ‘entertainment type’ selected by 61% of the makers, and ‘Good Boy, Gone Bad,’ a group TXT, was chosen by 44% of the cover songs, was selected as the cover song. The cover song stage is complete.

In addition, Eunhwi, who was selected as a fan service member, expressed his gratitude by calling the names of the 111 makers one by one, and Sungjun performed from the unaccompanied serenade to the singer Crush’s ‘Rush Hour’ challenge. Finally, Taehoon, who decided to make a surprise appearance in the audience, appeared on the encore stage and made a perfect ending.

TNX, P-Nation’s first idol group, debuted in May with their debut album ‘Way Up.’

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