Global K-pop star ‘Red Velvet’ Joy Cosmopolitan March issue cover decoration

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[Preview Magazine] Joy, a member of Red Velvet, who is running on the road to global popularity, showed off her freshness by decorating the cover of the March issue of ‘Cosmopolitan.’ Joy (Park Soo-young) took on the role of Seong Mi-do, a famous influencer who was judged to be limited in the JTBC Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Only One Person,’ which ended on the 8th, and established herself as the lead actress. In the March issue cover pictorial with Toz, who is working as an ambassador, Joyman’s cheerful and bouncy charm radiated. In an interview with ‘Cosmopolitan’ after filming, Joy said, “The drama has just ended. I still can’t let go of ‘Mido’ from my heart.”

Joy said, “I started to think about priorities in life while acting as a character who was judged to have an expiration date. In the future, I want to live more concentrating on the people next to me.”

In addition, Joy said, “These days, driving has become a hobby. It is healing to drive alone in the car with the window open and listen to your favorite music.” He said, “I often listen to R&B as drive music. It’s moderately exciting and rhythmic, and it’s music that fits my tension well these days.”

Joy, who improved the album’s perfection by participating in the ‘Only One Person’ OST, also revealed her passion for vocals in the interview that day. When asked, “What worries you the most as a vocalist?” Joy said, “I’m thinking about how to express myself in more colorful ways. is in progress,” he said.

The March issue of, featuring Red Velvet Joy’s cover, will be available at bookstores nationwide from February 22, 2022, and can also be found on the Cosmopolitan Korea website and Instagram.

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