K-pop father who left ‘SM Town.’

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Hive acquired the shares of former SM executive producer Lee Soo-man and became the largest shareholder in SM. The ‘SM takeover war’ turned into a revealing war. The industry’s perspective on Lee Soo-man’s exit is complicated.

“A tree will be the beginning.” On the first day of the new year in 2023, Lee Soo-man, the then-general producer of SM Entertainment (SM), suggested a tree-planting campaign. It was at the ‘SM Sustainability Forum’ held ahead of a YouTube live concert featuring singers from SM.

The move of an entertainment company emphasizing the role of K-pop and Hallyu in the issue of the climate crisis drew attention. Executive Producer Lee Soo-man suggested that ‘Me and SM’ also participate in realizing sustainability to save the earth and hold a music festival to ‘plant trees and save the earth’ in Mongolia this year.

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